The world's fourth largest e-commerce market in Japan awaits over 87 million buyers


- Rakuten makes Finnish products available to the Japanese market


Rakuten, Japan's largest and one of the world's largest digital marketplaces, together with Flying Lynx and Posti, provided information and a chance for Finnish online shopping for quick and easy access to the Japanese consumer market.

The Rakuten listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is a digital marketplace similar to Alibaba and Amazon, with nearly 90 million users. Rakuten has developed a unique ecosystem in which over 70 internet services such as ecommerce and financial services attract various users and nurture loyal customers by offering common points which can be saved and used in Rakuten services.

Rakuten Incorporation Mr. Katsuhiko Kayama is delighted and satisfied with the cooperation with the Finns. Japanese consumers are very interested in Finnish products, especially Finnish design, pure food and fashion.

- Japanese people love Finnish products and Finland's country picture is very positive for us. I am very happy that Rakuten has the chance to offer Finnish traders access to the Japanese market, and that the Japanese will get a chance to buy Finnish products. I believe that through our cooperation, Finland and Finland will gain a new boost in Japan.

Kayama's goal is to offer all Japanese the opportunity to buy all the world's products they want. The Rakuten Marketplace offers its users an entertaining shopping area, the aim being to create a basaric atmosphere in online shopping. In 2016, Forbes chose Rakuten as Japan's most innovative company.

- The products sold through our marketplaces are for Japanese consumers a tax-free tariff of up to 135 euros. For this reason, the products are competitive in price to Japanese consumers.

Marko Kangaskolkka, Managing Director of Flying Lynx has been involved in designing and implementing the Rakuten Finland Mall website. The company that sells the site through a marketplace will get a page for its products under the company's own brand. According to the fabric case, Japan has a well-developed e-commerce market.

 - There are no major risks or obstacles to resolving trading in Finland for Japanese consumers. Companies can sell their products without own e-commerce investment in Japan's largest sales channel.

Kangaskolkka notes that Finnish companies' products can be marketed in their own stock in Finland, from which they are delivered to Japanese consumers according to orders. This avoids the traditional bureaucracy and costs of exports and imports.
- Through Rakuten, Finnish e-commerce products are available to nearly 90 million buyers. Our partnership with Rakuten is a major opportunity for Finnish consumer product manufacturers and online stores to expand expeditiously into Japan. The products are shipped to the consumer in Japan quickly, 3-4 days as a Post EMS parcel service, says Ranja Pasivirta, Business Manager of International partnerships at Posti's Parcel Services.