Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board

Chair, Deputy Chair Since
Chair Aki Lindén, MP, Social Democratic Party 2022, Chair since 2022
Deputy Chair Heli Järvinen, MP, The Greens Party 2021
Members Since
Sari Essayah, MP, Christian Democrats 2019
Mia Laiho, MP, National Coalition Party 2019
Rami Lehto, MP, Finns Party 2015
Pia Lohikoski, MP, Left Alliance 2019
Eeva Kalli, MP, Centre Party 2019
Kimmo Kiljunen, MP, Social Democratic Party 2019
Mari Rantanen, MP, Finns Party 2019
Veronica Rehn-Kivi, MP, Swedish People's Party of Finland 2019
Ari Torniainen, MP, Centre Party 2019
Paula Werning, MP, Social Democratic Party 2019


The Supervisory Board’s tasks are determined in the Articles of Association. Its task is to supervise afterwards with hindsight the company’s administration which is the Board of Directors’ and President and CEO’s responsibility, provide the Board with guidance on matters of broad implication, and follow the operability of postal services.

Posti’s General Meeting elects members of the Supervisory Board and appoints its Chair and Deputy Chair. The Supervisory Board is composed of six to twelve members. The term of office for members of the Supervisory Board is one year and it ends at the close of the following Annual General Meeting.


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