Financial reporting

The group's financial development and implementation of financial objectives are monitored through reporting that covers the entire Group. Monthly result reporting follows the development of the group's sales, costs, and operating profits up to the business-unit level of business groups. Moreover, sales development by country is followed.

For sales, costs, and operating profits, the actual data of the past month, the present quarter, and the calendar year are compared with the forecast figures and the set objectives, as well as with the actual figures for the corresponding periods in the previous year. Furthermore, the monthly report follows the development of cash flow at the group- and business-group level, as well as the capital committed to business operations, and the return on capital employed (ROCE).

Financial objectives are specified along with annual strategy and objective-setting processes. Forecasts concerning the development of sales, costs, cash flow, and committed capital are updated each month along with reporting. Monthly monitored key figures include the consolidated operating profit, the operating profit percentage, the economic value added (EVA), and cash flow after investments.

The group's financial position and financial risks are monitored through a separate monthly report for financing. The financing report contains information related to capital structure, financing need and financing reserves, as well as to liquidity risks, interest risks, adversary risks and currency risks.

Posti’s financial reports follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Posti's financial communications' procedures are described in more detail in the disclosure policy.


Reportable segments

Posti reports its results of operations for the following reportable segments: 

  • eCommerce and Delivery Services 
  • Fulfillment and Logistics Services 
  • Postal Services 

Fulfillment and Logistics Services consists of two operating segments:  

  • Transval 
  • Aditro Logistics