Together towards green future


Carbon handprint

In 2022, we commissioned a thesis to examine the usability of the carbon handprint model in Posti's operations and the climate impact of the new parcel delivery concept. A carbon handprint means that using a product or service saves emissions compared to an established solution. If the product or service of a company has a positive carbon handprint, the company can offer its customers opportunities to reduce their own carbon footprint. The results of the study showed that the new parcel delivery concept can achieve a positive climate impact. The results also indicated that setting a general and broad quantitative carbon handprint target is not problem-free in Posti's case and that it is best suited for internal comparisons between different service options.

C2C eCommerce and circular economy

In addition to Posti's own emission reductions and other measures promoting sustainable development, we want to support sustainable consumption. ReCommerce, the resale and purchase of second-hand goods, partly eliminates the need to produce new products. Smooth logistics can contribute to increasing the circulation of second-hand goods among consumers. For example, the development of digital purchasing channels and more efficient use of Parcel Lockers also streamline and bring flexibility to C2C eCommerce.

We use the principles of the circular economy to minimize packaging materials and waste generated in our operations. For our customers, it is important that the amount of packaging material is optimized to protect the goods being transported from damage during transport. We carry out continuous development work related to the sustainability of our packaging materials and study the possibility of using new packaging materials. In 2022, we reduced the amount of plastic used in packaging and changed the materials to withstand multiple uses.

In Posti's operations, the most significant waste fractions generated are recycled paper, cardboard, mixed wood pulp and energy waste. In 2022, an environmental survey was carried out in eCommerce and delivery services, in which the energy use and waste management of properties selected
for observation was studied and the related development measures were identified. The survey revealed that a key measure was to reduce the generation of incinerated waste at our operating locations so that the materials sorted as energy waste, mixed wood pulp or mixed waste are sorted more efficiently into

fractions that can be utilized as raw materials. Measures aimed at promoting circular economy are also carried out in cooperation with our waste management partner. The partner measures the amount of waste generated in our operations and delivers the information to Posti. In 2022, we published the Recycling Game to be used in employee training. The virtual training platform instructs employees in the right sorting of waste. In 2022, Posti joined Finland's national Down a Degree campaign and implemented several energy reduction measures.

Environmental management at Posti is based on the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Employee awareness of environmental issues is promoted through, for example, a Group-wide sustainability training program, and environmental issues are regularly highlighted in various discussion forums,
such as sustainability briefings organized for the personnel and the Group’s various internal channels. At the end of 2022, certified environmental management systems covered 94% (97%) of the Group’s employees.


As a large company, it is essential for Posti to understand its impacts related to biodiversity. Posti conducted a pre-study on biodiversity in 2021 and 2022. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and deploying sustainable energy are examples of the means at our disposal to contribute to the mitigation of biodiversity loss. We are already doing this as part of our climate efforts.With the help of geospatial modeling, the pre-study project also surveyed the locations of sites in Finland owned or leased by Posti in relation to areas that are significant in terms of biodiversity. According to the modeling results, Posti does not have any properties of its own that are located within an area with sensitive biodiversity (nature conservation program, nature conservation and wilderness areas or Natura 2000 areas). Two of the owned properties are located less than 500 meters from an area with sensitive biodiversity. Of the rented properties, six delivery points were located in the vicinity of a nature conservation area.

Sustainability webinar series

As part of Posti's sustainability efforts, we want to provide information about the themes of sustainable development to our important stakeholders
and thus support them in facilitating the green transition of their own operations. The purpose of the sustainability webinar series held by Posti for customers in fall 2022 was to provide information on current sustainability topics in our industry and in general. In the fall, we held a total of five sustainability webinars with our own experts and guests. Topics ranged from social responsibility to environmental responsibility and loss of biodiversity. We received almost a thousand registrations for the webinars, and we will continue the webinar series in 2023. The webinar recordings can be found on our website https://minun.posti.fi/en/sustainability. (One webinar has been held in English. The rest, in Finnish, can be found on posti.fi/vastuullisuus.)