Our businesses

As consumers and businesses are demanding speed, fluency and convenience, new value chains that bring logistics services and online stores together are needed.

This means, for instance, that when freight and shipments go through us; they are stored, collected, and delivered by us, and their movement is controlled in our systems. People and artificial intelligence together serve the recipient’ wishes and needs.   

When a consumer orders something from an online store, our work has begun already long before the order is placed. Our hands and systems have moved goods to production and from production to warehouse – in an optimized way, making use of industrial-level digitalization and combining different freight flows and warehouses. 

We have sent, received, and shelved the finished products in the shop. And when the customer clicks to confirm the purchase, we are involved again, all the way to the home door.  

All of this takes place soon without emissions – in a way that serves the present and builds a better tomorrow.  

We divide this process into following businesses:


Postal services

The core of Posti's growth is parcel traffic and logistics in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. To support this, Postal services in Finland will play an important complimentary and supporting role. We have a unique distribution network covering whole Finland that serves the needs of our customers.

We deliver newspapers, magazines, letters, cards, ads and parcels to homes and businesses. Through our multichannel services, sender reaches the receiver in more than one way.

Our main market is in Finland, but we have business also in Poland and the Baltcis.


Parcel and eCommerce

​​​​eCommerce is developing and growing fast. We help our customers in this market by providing modern and responsible logistics services. We pick up, sort and deliver about one million – or even two million during the busiest peak season – parcels every week.

We continuously develop our service network and digital solutions as well as our sorting and delivery capacity to meet the needs of consumers and businesses now and in the future. We are committed to achieving zero-emission road transport throughout our value chain by 2030.

We operate in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and we also serve large international online stores around the world.



We are a responsible provider of freight services. Our freight network is the widest and fastest in Finland.
With selected partners, we provide our customers and Posti’s business functions with efficient and transparent transport services and terminal network.​



We at Transval move small and large goods and keep our customers’ material and information flows on the move efficiently, reliably and safely. We work in warehouses, terminals, factors, production facilities and stores, in our customers’ facilities, in other words. We have also own certified, safe and sustainable warehouses. We work with one, two or 5,000 colleaugues.

As the market leader, we have firsthand knowledge and tools to know what works in logistics today and what will work tomorrow. We are trusted by hundreds of customers around Finland.

Read more: www.transval.fi

Aditro Logistics

Aditro Logistics is one of the leading contract logistics companies in the Nordics. Our offering consists of a broad service portfolio in stock management, logistics, supply chain management, transport procurement, staffing and consulting. We employ around 1,000 people.

We have over 204,000 m2 of storage space at our logistics centers in Jönköping, Borås, Arlanda, Nykvarn and Kopstad. In addition, we are responsible for operations at a number of regional warehouses around Sweden.

Aditro Logistics has been part of Posti Group since 2020.

Read more: www.aditrologistics.com


Itella Russia

Itella Russia offers warehousing, freight and forwarding services in all significant economic regions in Russia.