People Policy

Purpose and Objective 

The purpose of the Posti Group People Policy is to set internal guidelines for processes and practices regarding People in line with the applicable laws and other applicable regulation. General principles of the People Policy are followed with external workforce wherever reasonably applicable. 

The objective of People policy is to make sure Posti Group respects and follows labor legislation, collective agreements and human rights and operates responsibly in all people activities across the group. In addition, all people data is managed according to privacy legislation to ensure the rights of employees. 

In addition, our personnel policy has the following qualitative objectives: 

  • Our staff has sufficient competences to ensure the success of our strategy 
  • The number, quality and permanence of personnel are at level required to achieve operational success 
  • The personnel’s ability to work and function is maintained throughout their careers 
  • We encourage personnel to perform well and motivate them to work 


People Principles and Key rules 

Basic principles of personnel policy 

We respect internationally recognized human rights principles and promote their application in all our business operations. As enshrined in the legislation of the countries in which we operate, compliance with the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) is the basis of People policy. In addition, we monitor local labour market practices. We respect the freedom of association of our personnel.  

Leadership and supervisory work 

Posti Group manages personnel in accordance with our defined management principles. We invest in the quality of supervisor work and the development of supervisor competence because their work as leaders plays a key role in the implementation of our personnel policy. It’s responsibility of supervisors to ensure that their subordinates know the company's vision, strategy, industry goals and personal goals.  

A supportive leadership culture and good management practices contribute significantly to well-being at work. 

In occupational safety management, we operate in accordance with our defined safety management system. 


We do not accept any form of discrimination in the workplace. Qualified applicants have equal opportunities to be hired, to advance in their careers, to receive salary increases and to develop their skills regardless of a person's religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or identity, age, or disability. Posti Group wants to promote diversity and inclusion among its personnel. 

It is everyone's responsibility to consider the equal treatment of everyone in their own activities, both in their daily operations and in decision-making. Efforts are made to systematically promote equality and non-discrimination in all countries of the Group, taking into account the local legislation of each country. 

Posti Group will ensure adequate protection of employees from discrimination or violation of equal opportunities in accordance with local law. 


We recruit in a non-discriminatory and equal way in all positions and offer career opportunities to all groups. In our personnel selections, we emphasize customer orientation, professionalism, responsibility, and cooperation. We encourage our personnel to apply for positions that are open in our company and strive to give priority to those who are already employed by our company in accordance with the requirements. Employer may perform necessary pre-employment checks to ensure safe working environment and protect important interests of the company. 

We arrange a comprehensive orientation for new Posti Group employees or to those who change their duties. 

Competence development and performance management 

Competence is developed in a systematic manner based on our strategy. We continuously invest in deepening and maintaining the professional skills of our personnel to provide our customers with good service experiences. We encourage individuals to develop their own professional skills through both learning at work and through the professional development offering. We support internal career paths, our goal is diverse employment relationships, during which our employees can grow and develop. 

We ensure that our personnel have the necessary competence to succeed in their task, as well as clear goals and responsibilities. We ensure that our company has the necessary tools, resources, and know-how to carry out the goals and tasks necessary to implement the strategy. 


The aim of our total reward is to attract, retain and engage our employees and to encourage excellent performance.  

In addition, our reward offering is aligned with Posti strategy and values and enable achievement of business objectives. It is consistent, but at the same time locally flexible considering the local legislation, collective agreements, and the operating environment. Our total reward offering is aiming to be competitive compared to the local market.   

It’s also reasonable, easy to understand and valued by our employees to positively impact the employee experience. Finally, the intent is to create a clear link between employee performance and total reward. Thus, our employees are entitled to continuous feedback and its provision is encouraged at all levels.  

Health and well-being of personnel 

With adequate occupational health care, we take care of the well-being of our employees in all tasks. We promote the comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being of our personnel, and our goal is an employee experience that builds well-being. We encourage activities that maintain work ability and well-being also in leisure time. 

We take care of our personnel's work ability throughout their careers and ensure support in different situations. Key measures include measures based on the model for ensuring work ability, such as discussions on well-being at work and means of supporting the return to work.   

Work safety 

The goal of our work safety activities is to guarantee a safe workplace for all personnel, our partners and our customers. We build a strong safety culture and continuously promote the mental and physical health, safety, and well-being of our personnel, as well as their management in an inclusive manner, with knowledge and proactive work. Our goal is a safe work and working environment where everyone knows their role and responsibilities.   

Work safety is a key part of our strategy, values, and culture. It is also about attitude and the desire to do things right at once and constantly improve our processes. The continuous development of safety is also an indication that we care.  

Regarding to work safety, we are committed to operating in accordance with our management system and following the procedures of our safety management handbook. In addition, our operations are guided by 5 principles: 

  • Safety always comes first 
  • Safety starts with me 
  • Responsibility for safety management lies with our company's management and supervisors 
  • We work in cooperation with our entire organization and partner network to develop safety 
  • Improving work safety in our company is consistent and systematic.

Posti Group has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. We do not tolerate behavior that may be considered abusive or threatening to an individual or group. We will address all bullying and harassment without delay. We expect our employees to follow Posti Group values and code of conduct in all workplace behavior. 

The use and possession of narcotics, alcohol and other intoxicants that impair work ability at the workplace is prohibited as defined in Posti Group’s substance abuse policy. 

Work community and atmosphere 

Promoting a good work community and atmosphere is the responsibility of every Posti Group employee. We follow common operating methods and codes of conduct when working with our own personnel and customers.  

We measure and monitor the engagement and well-being of our personnel as well as leadership on a regular basis to continuously develop them Posti Group personnel has access to an anonymous channel for reporting misconduct or violations of their rights. 

Approval and Ownership 

This Policy has been approved by Posti Group board’s Personnel committee and it is effective from 1.3.2023 through the entire Posti Group organization and businesses.  

This Policy is owned by SVP HR, which is responsible for a regular review thereof, as well as for a proposal for amendment of the policy upon need.