The core of Posti's growth is parcel traffic and logistics in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. To support this, Postal services in Finland will play an important complimentary and supporting role. As we continue our transformation, improving the customer experience is at the core of everything we do. 

Our vision is to become a modern delivery and fulfilment company. Posti creates new value for customers by covering and optimizing the e-commerce logistics value-chain from transport to warehousing and from sorting to delivery. Posti’s strength as a company stems from a unique combination: its employees, as the best experts in their field, its capability of being pioneers in logistics and technology, and its comprehensive delivery network.

The core of our updated group strategy is based on the continuous improvement of customer experience, industry-leading operational efficiency, an employee experience based on purpose-driven leadership, and reducing its emissions to zero by 2030.

Posti is a nearly 400-years old company, and sustainability has always been in our DNA. Today it's an essential part of our purpose, strategy, and values.

To sustainably deliver also in the future, we need to do that emission-free and so that people are feeling well. That's why the two cornerstones of our sustainability program are the planet and the people. We have committed to reducing our own emissions to zero and have fossil-free transportations by 2030.

Our clarified purpose crystallizes both our professional pride based on centuries of experience and our continuous desire to keep ahead of our times: Responsibly delivering what matters to you – on your terms. 

Our values provide a strong foundation for implementing the purpose of our existence:

Reliable - We are a transparent partner and employer, and we communicate openly.  We keep our promises and take ownership also when the unexpected happens.

Respectful - We take responsibility for our people, planet and that what we do is meaningful. We feel proud of who we are and what we do together. We respect our colleagues, customers and partners.

Progressive - We continuously improve our competencies and business to better serve our customers. We are curious and open for change and want to be a proactive frontrunner.