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Posti Group has specified its strategic goals and focus areas for 2015 - 2017. Posti aims to be the number one choice for its customers as the provider of postal and logistics services in 2018. The most important financial target for Posti is to maintain good profitability.

The Board of Directors of Posti Group has specified the company's strategic goals for 2015 - 2017. They are targeted at renewing Posti and improving profitability in new services.

  1. We will defend the distribution business of publications and direct marketing by extending the product lifecycle so that it is as long as possible. We will shape our capacity with the aim of maintaining good cost competitiveness and service capability when letter and publication volumes are decreasing.
  2. We are Finland's leading logistics service provider in parcel, warehouse and transport businesses and a major logistics operator in Russia. We create solutions that enable the on-line shopping of goods.
  3. We improve the customer experience through multi-channel digital services and develop Posti's services to meet customers' needs.
  4. Posti has access to an efficient, process controlled, digitalized nationwide production network that is managed in a high quality manner and on which we will base our growth.
  5. OpusCapita is an important part of our Group and will be turned into a strong provider of financial management software, processes and automation services in Northern Europe.
  6. We look for synergy benefits from new growing markets. Home services, meal deliveries and food logistics make use of Posti's nationwide distribution network. We develop new data and analytics services to meet customers' needs.
  7. We develop the competence of our personnel in new services and the capability to address the opportunities of digitalizing business systematically. Our aim is to be the best workplace in the industry.

Posti is the largest logistics company in Finland

Faced by increasingly fierce competition and declining postal volumes, it is critically important for Posti to secure its competitiveness and profitability. The current result is not at the desired level.

Posti's goal is to turn logistics and the domestic freight business clearly profitable. There is a need to hurry the renewal in postal services, due to the dramatic decline in postal volumes. Efficiency and productivity are also improved by utilizing new technology and increasing automation.

- For profitability, we must be able to be one step ahead of the transformation of the postal industry. Through renewal, we ensure sufficient profit performance, says Heikki Malinen, President and CEO of Posti Group.

Posti Group Corporation's financial targets


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Posti Group is your first choice in postal, logistics and e-commerce services. We manage the flow of commerce and everyday life in 11 countries. Our net sales in 2014 amounted to EUR 1,859 million. We employ approximately 23,000 professionals who serve our customers in Finland under the name Posti and in other countries under the name Itella. All of our services in Finland are carbon neutral.