Posti acquires HR Hoiva – comprehensive home care services for customers


Posti has acquired HR Hoiva Oy in an asset deal concluded on January 10, 2017. HR Hoiva Oy produces home care and personal assistance services for municipalities, joint municipal authorities and private customers. HR Hoiva's net sales in 2016 were approximately EUR 2.5 million and the company will continue its operations as a subsidiary of Posti.

Posti's aim is to produce comprehensive home care services for customers. The acquisition will extend Posti's home services to cover not only everyday support services, but also home care. HR Hoiva will provide Posti with care professionals and the capability to address customers' home care needs. HR Hoiva produces services in approximately 30 localities. As a nationwide player, Posti can offer added value and more efficient service models for municipalities.

- Posti is a Finnish company capable of producing reliable nationwide home services. HR Hoiva has strong proof of producing customer-oriented municipal services. A better everyday life is created for customers together with Posti's other services, says Petri Kokkonen, Head of Posti's Home Services.

HR Hoiva Oy is part of the HR Yhtiöt Group. Ilpo Marttila, CEO of HR Yhtiöt, believes that Posti will offer good opportunities for municipal customers.

- In future, HR Hoiva will produce professional personal assistance and home care services as part of Posti. Our sales decision was prompted by Posti's genuine interest in the field and its desire to develop the service nationwide and employ personnel. Our customers will benefit from Posti's versatility. Customers' services will remain unchanged and can be connected with Posti's other home services in future. The comprehensive services that Posti offers to each municipality can also improve the municipality's cost-effectiveness, Marttila says. 

New solutions for the well-being of Finns

Posti offers customers customized service portfolios that can comprise everyday support services, home care provided by HR Hoiva and personal assistance. Posti is also capable of creating a nationwide service network in sparsely populated areas.

- We can maintain and introduce more services in places where services are disappearing and employ experts and our own employees in the locations. We promote the cost-effectiveness of the municipality's home visits, thanks to our nationwide network and care expertise. We will also develop new service concepts in Home Services, Kokkonen says.

Posti's Home Services are planned and organized in a way that they don't affect Posti's other operations and services.

Posti is already the partner of almost a hundred municipalities in meal deliveries, in which it is a well-known, trusted service provider. Posti has been focusing on developing a new business from home services for one year and, among other things, has acted as the partner of Eksote, the South Karelia Social and Health Care District, in home care support services.