Posti to release 72 different coat of arms stamps on October 7


Municipal coats of arms on personalized stamps at the popular Stamp Day event

The annual Stamp Day will be held on Friday, October 7, 2016. To celebrate the special day, Posti will release unique coat of arms-themed stamps, to which you can also add a special postmark representing the area. The stamps will be available in the Posti online shop and Posti shops as well as at well-stocked postal outlets and retail stores.

In previous years, the themes of the Personalized stamps commemorating Stamp Day have varied from one area to another. The coat of arms stamps were tested in six cities (Jyväskylä, Kouvola, Lohja, Naantali, Oulu and Vaasa) in spring 2016 and, due to their popularity, Posti decided to release 72 different coat of arms stamps nationwide on Stamp Day.

The coat of arms stamps are first class Personalized stamps and they cost €1.50 each. The stamps will be sold in Posti’s online shop by sheet. The minimum order is 1 sheet, which has 10 stamps.

Special postmark features an escutcheon

Stamp Day will also see the release of a special postmark designed by graphic designer Jukka Talari. The theme of the postmark is an empty escutcheon, or shield, behind which the border of the stamp creates a crown topping the shield.

The municipality-specific special postmark will be available starting on October 7 at all participating outlets (PDF). You can view the street addresses of Posti shops at

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Images of the stamps

All participating Posti's outlets (PDF)