Posti strengthens its cooperation with DHL and Bring


– the new delivery network for e-commerce parcels will cover 16 countries

As a response to the tightening competition in the international online store logistics market, Posti will join the DHL partner network. The network will harmonize international parcel deliveries in 16 European countries. For Posti, this means a notable increase in the flow of parcels from, for example, Germany. In addition to the Finnish end customers covered by the network, Posti will deliver parcels to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania through its newly-established pickup point network. Finnish online stores, on the other hand, will gain access to a delivery type that covers all of the countries in the network and meets the same quality requirements in each.

In addition to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the network comprises Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Posti's cooperation partners in the network are DHL Parcel Europe, DHL Freight Sweden, Posten Norge, and its subsidiary Bring.

- Thanks to this cooperation, there will be no more differences between these countries in the delivery of parcels across borders. Each partner in the network has fine-tuned their process in order to make the operations harmonious and allow online stores to provide their customers with even more transparent and reliable deliveries. For example, the end customer can return the product using the same delivery type, regardless of whether the parcel was sent to Finland from Germany, Belgium, or Sweden, says Jukka Rosenberg, SVP, Parcel and Logistics Services at Posti.

Competitive delivery type for cross-border e-commerce

According to a report by the European Commission, ca. 70 percent of European online stores do not exploit the full potential of cross-border e-commerce yet. This new network of partners will remove barriers to the internationalization of European e-commerce. The network covers a total of 43.000 service points and the number of working population served by the network exceeds 170 million.

- The network guarantees reliable and fast deliveries, making the sending of international parcels significantly easier compared to the options available so far. The harmonized flow of information between the countries alone will make the delivery times more reliable. Furthermore, all of the partners have agreed to expand their pickup point and delivery networks. Posti will open a hundred new service points in Finland in the coming years. Posti's pickup point network in the Baltics will cover 1,200 points by the end of the year, Jukka Rosenberg says.

Cross-border e-commerce is particularly popular among consumers in the Nordic Region. Germany is the third largest country from which e-commerce goods are imported to the Nordic Region. Posti offers the most extensive retail network in Finland with its 1,400 service points, along with the most popular parcel reception options.

Rosenberg (Posti Group), Dünnwald  (DHL) and Henriksen (Posten Norge)