Posti is piloting a new way to exchange goods in C2C trade


– Instead of meeting face to face, the seller and the buyer can use Nearby Lockers at Parcel Points

In C2C trade, the seller and the buyer typically find each other online, for instance, in a neigborhood Facebook group. Posti has launched a new pilot service called Nearby Locker, enabling sellers and buyers to exchange the goods in a Parcel Point instead of meeting face to face. The service solves the problem of arranging the meeting.

- The seller and the buyer no longer have to find a pick-up time that suits both, they can simply exchange the goods using a Parcel Point locker. Posti does not deliver or transport the goods, but the Parcel Point locker serves as an affordable storage and pick-up point, says Saara Pietilä, Business Manager at Posti.

The customer can reserve a Nearby Locker for a fee of three euros using Posti's web services. The pilot stage of the Nearby Locker service lasts until the end of May, and the service is available in eight Parcel Points in Lauttasaari, Kallio, Vallila, Käpylä, Kannelmäki and Tapiola.

- For the pilot, we chose Parcel Points in neighborhoods that have active Facebook sales groups. The Nearby Locker service could easily be used for other purposes as well, such as exchanging keys on a busy day, Pietilä explains.

Purchase the Nearby Locker service online to receive an errand code for using the Parcel Point. Enter the code in the Parcel Point and leave the goods in the locker. You do not have to pack the goods in any special way, because they will not be sorted with other parcels. The recipient will receive the locker code for the Parcel Point in question via SMS, and they can pick up the goods within one week at a time that best suits them.

Posti's Parcel Points are considered the best pick-up locations for parcels in Finland thanks to their ease, speed and opening hours. The Nearby Locker service is a new way of using the Parcel Points. Posti will collect feedback from users during the pilot in order to develop the service to meet the needs of our customers.

The Nearby Locker service is available from April 13 to May 29, 2016, at the following Posti Parcel Points:


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