Remember a friend–send cards and parcels to friends on February 11 at the latest


It’s soon time to send Valentine’s Day cards and gifts—on February 11 at the latest.  Valentine’s Day in mid-winter, February 14, is a wonderful excuse to remember friends, godchildren and grandparents, near and far.  A hand-written card is a personal message that sends your thoughts to moments of shared laughter. Many mobile phones are bursting with pictures of moments with friends, and these can also be easily immortalized on a card. A printed picture card can be created using Posti’s mobile or web application. Posti delivers the card directly to the recipient.

In addition to cards, friends are traditionally remembered with gifts. Deliveries of goods that are over three centimeters thick need to be sent as parcels after February 9. Posti has three methods for sending parcels. The parcel can be prepared for delivery at home by using Posti’s web service (, where you can pay the postage fee and print the address label. The pre-paid parcel can be left with an outlet for transport. You can also send parcels using Parcel Points. Online and Parcel Points are more economical, since the parcel’s outer dimensions determine the price, not weight.

In addition, Posti’s network of more than 1,450 service points provide service for the delivery of parcels. Postal outlets offer a wide selection of Valentine’s Day cards and supplies for parcels. In addition to outlets, stamps are also sold in various stores and kiosks, making it easy to purchase stamps while taking care of other business. Stamps can also be ordered from Posti’s online shop.

Valentine's Day stamps depict six encounters in the forest

In Finland, Valentine's Day is the second most popular postcard season immediately after Christmas.  This year's Valentine's Day stamps have as their theme joyful encounters in the forest. Ilja Karsikas' cheerfully designed stamps depict snowflakes, trees, a mouse, birds, berries, and a fox and a rabbit.
The Friends together stamp booklet has six 1st class stamps as well as Priority labels designed to go with each of the stamps. Designing his first stamps, Ilja Karsikas, 35, has made many illustrations for companies, publications, associations, publishers and record labels. He has been responsible for, among other things, Ruisrock's visual appearance and artwork in 2013 and 2014, and has also illustrated four children's books.