Posti’s parcel deliveries return to normal in Uusimaa and Southwest Finland


– Warehouse and freight services and outlets have served customers as usual the whole time

Posti's major logistics centers in Vantaa and Lieto will gradually recover from PAU's strikes starting Thursday, November 26, when the sorting of parcels will be restored to its normal state and the delivery of parcels will restart in Uusimaa and Southwest Finland. We are using all the resources we can to clear the backlog and return the delivery times to normal in the region as soon as possible. There might still be some delays in deliveries next week. Our more than 900 outlets and 480 Parcel Points have served customers as usual the whole time, and customers have received a notice of arrival when their item is ready for picking up.

If we look at Finland as a whole, over 80% of Posti's customers have received their mail on time or after a very small delay despite PAU's strikes. The situation varies in different regions due to the local industrial actions taken by PAU.

The strikes have not had a significant impact on freight services, and Posti's warehousing services are available as usual. A major part of machine-sorted parcel items have been delivered to customers despite the strikes.

- We have managed to provide our services as usual in most parts of Finland despite local strikes. E-commerce shipments and other parcels that can be machine-handled will be delivered almost as before in Uusimaa and Southern Finland towards the end of the week, after we restore the operations at our logistics centers to their normal state tonight, says Jarmo Ainasoja, Director of Posti's Control Center.

The Christmas season, Posti's peak season of the year, will start at the turn of November-December.

- It is vital for us and our customers to recover from the disruptions caused by the strikes as soon as possible. I promise that we are doing everything in our power to recover quickly, Jarmo Ainasoja says.

According to the latest estimate, the delivery of letters, publications, and direct advertisements will, for the most part, return to normal in the capital region and Uusimaa, assuming that there will be no more illegal industrial actions. Our biggest challenge is how to clear the backlog of print products, particularly in Helsinki where the strike also affected mail delivery, not only mail sorting. International mail operations will also restart on full scale, although the backlog and strikes in other parts of the country might still cause some delays.

PAU is moving its strike actions from one place to another, which slows down Posti's operations

PAU ended its strikes in the capital region, Uusimaa and Southwest Finland on November 25.

New strike actions will be taken in other parts of the country. On Wednesday, November 25 at 10:00 pm, PAU will start strikes that affect operations in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki and Kuopio and that will, if implemented, disrupt the delivery of items to and from these regions. However, the outlets and Parcel Points will also remain in service in these regions, and customers can pick up their items after arrival.

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