Posti takes disciplinary action against its shop steward for inappropriate conduct


Posti has issued a warning to the Chief Shop Steward of Posti’s Lapland delivery services on grounds of inappropriate conduct. Posti stresses that it adheres to a strict zero-tolerance policy in abuse and threats of violence in the workplace.

The reason for the issued warning was the Chief Shop Steward’s inappropriate conduct in Rovaniemi last Monday. The Chief Shop Steward had forbidden an employee of SOL Personnel Services to agree to work overtime. The situation had come to a head towards the end of the day, when the Chief Shop Steward had in an unacceptable manner threatened employees making a reference to physical violence.

“This is truly regrettable. Such behavior cannot be justified in any situation. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy on inappropriate conduct, regardless of the situation or whether the person in question is a shop steward or other employee,” says Anu Punola, Vice President for Operations.

At Posti, all employees are bound by the Code of Conduct, which determines responsible conduct in different situations at work. According to the Code of Conduct, Posti employees are to value each other and treat everyone equally, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, political opinions, age, nationality, sexual orientation, civil status, or disability.

“Let us remember good manners even in difficult times. All our employees are equal, including temporary workforce. The same terms of employment are applied with leased employees as with Posti’s in-house staff,” Punola stresses.
According to Punola, the issue was addressed today in a constructive spirit with the Chief Shop Steward and rules of cooperation were mutually agreed on.

“The warning has now been issued, and this concludes the matter for Posti,” Anu Punola says.

Punola urges all parties to conduct themselves in a calm and respectful manner in the workplace regardless of the ongoing collective agreement negotiations. Punola points out that when times are difficult, pulling together and observing good manners is particularly important.