Posti meal deliveries were granted the PostEurop Corporate Social Responsibility award


PostEurop has granted the Coups de Coeur awards for Corporate Social Responsibility for the third time. Posti’s meal deliveries were awarded with the first prize in the Society category.

Posti delivers meals directly to the homes of elderly people, either as hot or cold deliveries, in more than 40 locations. Furthermore, we make meal deliveries to different types of institutions, such as daycare centers and schools, in 80 municipalities.

“The ageing of the population increases the need for home care services. Posti’s network of professionals and our transport fleet cover the entire country and they can be used for the benefit of the customers in many ways in addition to the delivery of shipments and meals, as we reach 2.3 million households every working day. At the same time, we can help to create new jobs even when the volume of traditional letter mail is decreasing,” points out Jukka Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Posti’s Logistics and Parcel services.

PostEurop is a regional trade association of 52 European countries. The purpose of the CRS Coups de Coeur is to highlight the best practices of social responsibility by postal operators in Europe. The Swiss and Greek postal services were awarded in the Environment and Employee categories, respectively.