Logistics’ cooperation negotiations finalized in Scandinavia


Posti announced in October 2014 that it will renew its logistics services in Scandinavia. The focus will be on road transport between countries of operation. The aim is also to develop offering in road transport in selected market areas in Europe. At the same time, Posti gave up air and sea freight business, service warehouses in Denmark as well as Scandinavia’s internal distribution logistics. Service warehouses in Sweden and Norway will be given up during 2015.

The reason behind the changes is that the profitability of operations in Scandinavia has not been at an adequate level.

The renewal started cooperation negotiations concerning a total of 300 employees in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Negotiations have now been finalized and there were altogether 72 reductions, 15 in Sweden, 24 in Norway and 33 in Denmark. Part of the reductions were reached through outsourcing and business transfers.

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21.10.2014 Itella to renew its logistics services in Scandinavia