Cainiao collaborates with Posti for deliveries from China to Russia


Cainiao, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group, has selected Posti as one of its logistics partners for deliveries to Russia. Posti has developed an efficient overall service for Asian online marketplaces, reaching all the way from Chinese merchants to the end users in Russia. Alibaba Group's AliExpress consumer marketplace is one of the most popular websites in all of Russia, according to TNS

"We created a high-quality delivery and returns service to suit the particular needs of a demanding international customer. Asia provides us with interesting opportunities to function in a new role as a bridge to Russia. Our advantages include our location and efficient processes.  For Posti, the contract with Cainiao may lead to millions of new deliveries every year. We provide a vital part of the logistics chain in getting products from China to the Russian consumers," explains Petri Aaltonen, Director at Posti.

Cross-border e-commerce requires seamless logistics solutions. To meet the needs of the AliExpress merchants and consumers, Cainiao will benefit from Finland's location and Posti's knowledge of Russia's logistics market. The number of goods transported from Asia to Russia is constantly growing, and deliveries from AliExpress China merchants to Russian consumers are a significant contributor to that growth.

According to a study conducted by Posti, Russians do most of their online shopping in Chinese stores. In Russia, foreign online stores are primarily used for ordering small goods, and the recession has not stopped e-commerce.