New Managing Director for Itella Information  Logistics Oy


Heikki Länsisyrjä has been appointed Managing Director of Itella Information Logistics Oy, a Finland Post Group subsidiary, as of 16 April. He is responsible for all operations, including international ones, of the entire business group. Jari Annala has been appointed Deputy Managing Director of Itella Information Logistics Oy, responsible for the sales territory of Finland.

Länsisyrjä began working as the head of Itella Information Logistics and a member of Finland Post Group’s Management Board in January, and will continue in this position. Jari Annala will transfer from his former position as business group development manager to his new one, Deputy Managing Director.

- Itella Information Logistics is going international in phase with our customers, and international customers prefer an international partner. At present, we are the market leader in Northern Europe and aim to consolidate our position further as the leading information logistics operator in this area, says Heikki Länsisyrjä.

In addition to Finland, Itella Information Logistics operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Baltic countries, providing services for digital printing, electronic invoicing and transactions, and document management for companies and other organisations. It employs some 1,500 staff, with 650 in Finland. In 2006, its turnover amounted to €200 million.

The former Managing Director, Vuokko Skyttä, will transfer to another position within Finland Post Group.

Further information:
Managing Director Heikki Länsisyrjä, Itella Information Logistics Oy, tel. 050 558 7801.
Deputy Managing Director Jari Annala, Itella Information Logistics Oy, tel. 0400 338 585.