Finland Post to team up with Marimekko: Top Finnish design to give a new look to the Post’s consumer products


Marimekko Corporation and Finland Post Corporation have concluded a licence agreement, whereby the Post has exclusive rights to use certain Marimekko designs in its consumer products, such as mobile postcards and packaging materials and supplies. This agreement will enable the Post to develop a novel product family, based on the material licensed by Marimekko, while Marimekko will have the opportunity to sell its products through the post office network on a shop-in-shop basis.

Consumers represent an important customer segment to whose changing needs the Post seeks to respond, given that consumer customers account for EUR 120 million of Finland Post’s annual net sales. Therefore, Finland Post is determined to provide Finns with opportunities to send greetings and other messages using both conventional and new methods. The product range based on Marimekko designs has the aim of encouraging Finnish consumers to send greetings to their nearest and dearest by post, by providing them with a new experience.

Marimekko’s designs will be used, for instance, in packaging materials and supplies and electronic consumer products, the latter including ePostcards, eCards and mobile postcards. The first product family, based on Marimekko’s renowned classic patterns Unikko, Mansikka and Dombra, all designed by Maija Isola, will bebelaunched onto the market in the run-up to Mother's Day on 27 April.

‘We took a major step forward at the beginning of the year when, as a result of our revamped strategy, Posti became our consumer brand in Finland and Itella became our corporate brand in nine Northern European countries. Our co-operation with Marimekko forms part of this new consumer brand strategy, about which we are very excited’, explains Tarja Pääkkönen, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Finland Post Group. ‘The Post, with its strong Finnish roots, and Marimekko’s Finnish design which remains hugely popular, are an excellent fit. Accordingly, we are developing the Posti brand by respecting traditions while creating new things, with Finnish design at the core’, says Pääkkönen.

“Marimekko is very proud of and excited about the new collaboration with Posti. I have always held Finland Post in high regard and believe that it will become a great new licensing partner to Marimekko”, says Kirsti Paakkanen, President of Marimekko. “In my opinion, strong Finnish companies, the national icons of different industries, should increasingly collaborate – join forces to promote excellent Finnish know-how”, Kirsti Paakkanen continues.

Marimekko and Finland Post also co-operate in the field of logistics and direct marketing.

Päivi Lonka, Export director, Marimekko Corporation, tel.

+358 (0)9 758 7430

Tarja Pääkkönen, Senior Vice President, Finland Post Corporation, tel. +358 (0)20 451 5605

Finland Post Group is an intelligent logistics services company providing customers with solutions for information and material flow management. The Group operates in nine northern European countries. In 2006, it reported a turnover of €1,550 million, employing some 24,800 staff. The Group’s corporate services are delivered under the Itella brand, while the Posti brand is used for services targeted at Finnish consumers. The operations are organised into three business groups: Mail Communication, Information Logistics and Logistics. For more information, please visit

Marimekko is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration products, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad. In 2006, the company had net sales of EUR 71.4 million. Exports and income from international operations accounted for 24.6% of the Group’s net sales. At the end of 2006, the company had a payroll of 396. Marimekko has carried on licensing in Finland and abroad since the 1960s. Marimekko’s share has been quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1999.