Finland Post Group adopts Itella brand for corporate services


The use of Finland Post Group’s brands has changed. All corporate services will now be delivered under the Itella brand in nine northern European countries, while the Posti brand will remain the marketing name used for consumer services in Finland.

The primary reason for the overhaul lay in the different needs of various customer groups. In addition, the Group’s service range has expanded beyond traditional postal operations and its business has become more international. The first step towards the change was taken in January 2005 with the launch of the Itella brand for marketing the Group’s information logistics services in northern Europe.

Since consumer and corporate customers’ expectations for Finland Post’s operations vary greatly, using two marketing names for these customer groups will help clarify communications and facilitate doing business with Finland Post Group. In the future, the product and service development will be more customer-oriented, taking account of the various needs of consumers and businesses.

Finland Post’s basic task is to provide postal services to everyone in Finland through a nationwide delivery and outlet network. Finnish consumers will continue to encounter the familiar and reliable Posti – the logo and the customary yellow colour – in the Post’s outlets, delivery services and on the Internet, for example.

The Group also caters for corporate customers, offering a wide range of postal services and solutions for information and material logistics. These include e-commerce, service warehousing, direct mail and e-invoicing solutions. The Itella brand will be adopted by all Group companies in nine northern European countries for marketing corporate services. Consequently, products and services designed for our corporate customers will be provided under the same name everywhere.

Companies and other organisations account for 95 per cent of the Group’s turnover. Traditional postal services currently make up approximately half of its turnover, and the proportion of services governed by the Postal Services Act total about one-fourth. Nearly one-fourth of turnover comes from non-Finnish operations.

“This brand overhaul is a major strategic step that will benefit both our corporate customers and consumers. The adoption of the Itella brand also creates a firm foundation for growth both in northern Europe and Russia,” says Tarja Pääkkönen, Senior Vice President, Finland Post.

Subsidiary names changed to accommodate the new brand

The structure of the Group’s subsidiaries was also changed on 1 January 2007. Information Logistics’ subsidiaries, Itella Suomi Oy and Elma Oyj Electronic Trading, were merged into Itella Information Logistics Oy, and Logistics’ subsidiaries Logia Oy, Logia Moda Oy and North Euroway Oy now form a new company called Itella Logistics Oy.

The names of non-Finnish subsidiaries will also be harmonised this year. Information Logistics’ subsidiaries will be called Itella Information Logistics and Logistics’ subsidiaries Itella Logistics.

New visual image to be applied gradually

The Itella brand will be introduced in stages in operations and marketing targeted at corporate customers, as of the beginning of the year. Itella’s logo will remain unchanged, but will be complemented by an image representing efficiency, intelligent solutions and reaching. The new visual image will be seen in the streets, for example, when it will be applied to most of the Group's vehicles during the course of 2007.

The Group’s website will also be renewed on 20 January. In the future, consumers, corporate customers and Finland Post Group will all have their own dedicated sites.

For further information, please contact

Tarja Pääkkönen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, tel. +358 20 451 5605
Päivi Alakuijala, Director, Corporate Communications, tel. +358 20 451 5674
The Posti and Itella logos you find here.


Finland Post Group

Finland Post Group is an intelligent logistics services company providing customers with solutions for information and material flow management. The Group operates in nine northern European countries. In 2005, it reported a turnover of €1,348 million, employing some 24,000 staff. The Group’s corporate services are delivered under the Itella brand, while the Posti brand is used for services targeted at Finnish consumers. The operations are organised into three business groups: Mail Communication, Information Logistics and Logistics. For more information, please visit