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Posti strengthens its sustainability know-how with new experts


Posti has strengthened its sustainability know-how with three new experts. The changing regulatory environment and the rapidly growing need for data collection and reporting, as well as the role of sustainability as part of companies’ social position, pose new needs that can now be better met with expertise. In addition, cooperation between Posti's Sustainability and Public Affairs team and the Group's Finance team is further deepening.

Silla Reiman, MSc in Economics, has been appointed Sustainability Specialist and will work specifically on Posti's environmental and climate work. Silla is also involved in the development of both the company's sustainability reporting and the customers' emissions reporting. Silla has previously worked as a sustainability consultant, with a particular focus on emissions accounting and climate targets and roadmaps. In addition, Silla has experience in a number of sustainability reporting frameworks and assurance of sustainability data.

"It is great to be able to contribute in a concrete way to sustainability work in a pioneering company like Posti and in an industry where sustainability work can genuinely create broad impact," says Silla Reiman.

Hanna Kumpulainen, M.Soc.Sc., who has spent the last six months as a sustainability expert trainee at Posti, has been appointed Sustainability Specialist for a fixed term. She will focus in particular on promoting Posti's CSRD roadmap, sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting and advancing Posti’s sustainability objectives in the Baltic operations. In addition, Hanna supports Posti's public affairs and advocacy work. Hanna has previously worked at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and at the legal department of Nike EMEA headquarters with experience among others in commercial law, contracting and regulatory advocacy.

"Posti is a pioneer in sustainability work and a major Finnish employer with ambitious goals for the climate, people and society. It is a great pleasure to continue working at Posti at this very exciting time, when sustainability regulation is evolving and the implementation of new requirements is in full swing," says Hanna Kumpulainen.

Hanna Kuusela, MSc in Economics, has been appointed Sustainability Reporting Manager in the Group Finance team. The EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) introduces new requirements for companies to report on sustainability as part of the Board of Directors Report, with the aim of bringing the quality of information to the same level as financial information. Hanna coordinates the implementation of the related legislation at Group level. Hanna has experience in group accounting at Outokumpu and sustainability consulting at KPMG, as well as in developing sustainability data in the financial sector and in various start-ups.

"Although CSRD is a reporting directive, its aim is to steer finance and thus companies increasingly towards sustainable business. In this work, it is therefore important not only to develop the reporting and quality of sustainability data, but also to make visible the essential issues for which we need to have clear responsibilities, strategy, metrics and targets," says Hanna Kuusela.

Silla Reiman and Hanna Kumpulainen report to Anna Storm, Posti's Director of Sustainability and Corporate Relations. Hanna Kuusela reports to Group Financial Controller Erika Maanpää.