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Report an alleged misconduct

We want to be responsible and promote transparency in all our businesses. We want to encourage our employees and stakeholders to raise concerns. By making a report, you will help our company manage its business responsibly. All suspected Code of Conduct violations that are reported in good faith will be investigated and necessary corrective actions are taken.

If you, as a Posti employee, have a question or you suspect a Code of Conduct violation, please contact your supervisor, Compliance Officer, Internal Audit, or HR function.

Posti's SpeakUp channel is an alternative channel for you to report suspected Code of Conduct violation; anything against the law or that does not comply with Posti's Code of Conduct or values.

You can send a report anonymously. Posti is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of all individuals who make a report in good faith. Posti ensures confidentiality in accordance with Posti's established processes. We do not allow any form of retaliation against any employee who reports alleged misconduct in good faith. It is not acceptable to knowingly make a false accusation and it can lead to an investigation.

Reporting through SpeakUp channel

SpeakUp is a confidential reporting channel intended for reporting suspected violations of Code of Conduct that has come to your attention and you are not able to report directly to your supervisor.

The incidents listed below have their own reporting channels, and using those channels will speed up the process:

  • Customer feedback through Customer support web-link.

  • Data Privacy breach should be informed to Data Privacy Officer without delay on

  • Cyber security incidents should be reported in accordance with Information Security Response- process Cyber security & data protection (internal intranet).

  • Health and safety incidents should be reported to Health and safety organization,

    Safety At Work (Finland) (internal intranet).

  • Security incidents should be reported to

  • Anything related to your employment, please contact your HR function.

SpeakUp is operated by People InTouch, a Dutch company. The patented SpeakUp® reporting system is used by several well-known companies worldwide.

You can submit your report either by phone or online. Posti's Compliance function handles all reports with discreet. Posti does not condone the misuse of the SpeakUp channel.

Online channel for employees:

Online channel for subcontractors:

If you want to report by phone, call 08001-1303. When you leave a message, you will receive a unique case number. Based on the case number, you can later listen to or read Posti’s response to your report. So it is important that you write down the case number.

Posti will strive to respond to your report within a week. If you originally made your report by phone, you will also receive a response via phone. If, on the other hand, you originally reported online, you will receive a response also online. To hear feedback on your phone, press 1 and enter the case number. When using an online webpage, you can press the key "if you already have a case number" to read the message.

Data Privacy Statement

Posti processes personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation (EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU). We also comply with Posti's data protection policy and Posti's data protection guidelines.

In connection with the SpeakUp reporting channel, the processing of personal data is based on the legal obligation of Posti. Personal data collected in connection with this procedure will only be used for the purposes described herein.

This information is available is processed on a need-to-know basis only or in order to comply with the law or when there is an important public interest to address.

Posti is responsible for the processing of personal data in connection with this SpeakUp reporting channel and acts as the data controller. People if Touch acts as the data processor of personal data and has the right to process personal data only on behalf of Posti and in accordance with Posti's written instructions.