Sustainability at Posti


We want to help people and companies make sustainable choices while making sure that we do things right. We are already doing a lot, but “good enough” is not good enough for us.

With regard to the climate, we have already set an ambitious target for ourselves: we want to reach zero emissions by 2030. This is certainly a challenging target. Halving our emissions would put us in line with the target of limiting climate warming to 1.5°C. However, that was not enough for us. We doubled our target and decided to go for a perfect zero.

Sustainable change

Our progress on the path to being a green pioneer cannot be achieved without our committed and highly competent employees. We are still in the process of a significant transformation. Developing HR practices and looking after our employees are essential aspects of our work to build the Posti of the future. We develop and support our personnel in this time of change in many ways; for example, by investing in well-being at work, supervisory work and the provision of training opportunities.

The needs of our customers are constantly changing, which also creates requirements for the way we produce our services. One of our key goals is to promote digital thinking throughout the organization and develop tools that help us work efficiently in our changing business environment. We are also strongly and proactively involved in the development of work ability and occupational safety.

Sustainability is part of our day-to-day work

Posti’s sustainability is based on the company’s strategy, values, commitments and the decision-in-principle of its owner, the state, indicating that state-owned companies should be held as examples of a high standard of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

For us, sustainability is part of day-to-day work, management and risk management. Our decision-making takes into account not only financial factors, but also the social and environmental impacts of our operations.

We are committed to the fundamental principles of the UN Global Compact initiative with regard to labor, the environment, anti-corruption and human rights. In addition, we are committed to observing human rights in our own operations and in our supply chain in accordance with the UN principles pertaining to businesses and human rights.

We have also issued a social sustainability commitment of our own as part of Finland’s national objectives related to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting five sustainable development goals as part of the industry cooperation of the International Post Corporation (IPC).

We are also committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Minimizing our footprint and maximizing our handprint

Every company has negative impacts on the environment, people and society. We want to make these negative impacts as small as possible. At the same time, the role of companies has changed: we must use our competencies and resources together with a wide range of other parties to make the world a better place for everyone.

We are currently in the process of updating our sustainability program. On this website, we explain what we are already doing, what we will do and even the ideas that we decided not to put into action. We want to be open about everything.