Case: Meaningful work


We want to create an appreciative and safe working community where our employees can feel pride in being Posti employees and their work.

We continued to implement the People Journey program, which began in 2022 and focuses on employee well-being and commitment. The purpose of the program is to take care of our personnel and support their development.

The concrete actions and initiatives under the People Journey program support and implement Posti’s strategy and turn our people-related sustainability promises into a reality. Posti’s leadership work, occupational safety and diversity and equity efforts have been developed as part of the People Journey program, for example. All of these themes also influence the employee experience.

Posti’s employee survey was conducted twice in 2023. Conducting the survey twice a year provides the necessary time to develop the employee experience based on the responses received. The employee engagement index was on an ascending trajectory in both surveys.

Competence development

Our vision is to be a modern delivery and fulfillment company. This requires industry-leading competence on the part of our personnel. Posti facilitates diverse learning and continuous development. For example, all Posti employees and the personnel of our partners have access to our digital learning platform. However, most of the learning at work takes place in day-to-day work while performing various tasks and taking on new challenges. Formal training is only a small part of competence development. Planning and organizing concrete measures is not the responsibility of an individual training organization. Posti employees actively take part in planning and implementing training. Everyone is responsible for their own competence and its development, with the employer and supervisor providing the framework and opportunities for development.

Internal recruitment and re-employment service serves Posti employees

In the transformation of the industry, productive work decreases in some areas and increases elsewhere. In 2023, the purposes of Posti’s internal recruitment and re-employment service included finding full-time employment opportunities for Posti employees. The internal change service seeks a long-term solution for the coming years, as well as the use of different work models in the coordination of jobs, particularly in production roles. The unit’s services are being developed in cooperation between the employer, employees and employee representatives.