Case: Meaningful work


We want to serve our customers by delivering responsibly what matters to them. We also want Posti’s employees to see their work as meaningful.

During the year, we continued to implement the People Journey HR program, the main purpose of which is to take care of our personnel and support their development as part of our sustainability promise. The Posti employee survey was conducted three times in 2022. The employee engagement index was ascending in each survey.

Competence development

Our vision is to be a modern delivery and fulfillment company. Building the Posti of the future requires our personnel’s competence to be state-of-the-art. The opportunity to develop competence is also one of the most important factors in job satisfaction and a good employee experience.

Posti supports and facilitates diverse learning and continuous development. For example, all Posti employees and the personnel of our partners have access to our digital learning platform. However, most of the learning at work takes place in day-to-day work while performing various tasks and taking on new challenges, and we develop competence in accordance with three main principles:

1) Everyone is responsible for their own competence and its development. Enthusiasm and the will to develop oneself originate in the person themselves, while the employer and supervisor provide the setting and opportunities for development.

2) The majority of learning happens at work. Formal training is only a small part of the big picture of competence development.

3) Planning and organizing competence development activities is not the responsibility of an individual “training organization”. Posti’s own experts actively take part in planning as well as in implementing training.

Developing digital and technology skills and customer experience

Digitalization spans everything Posti does, with impacts on business and customer behavior, as well as processes and work. Therefore, one of the key areas of competence development is the development of the personnel’s digital and technology skills. During 2022, we continued
our strong focus on digital skills and promoting the customer and employee experiences by introducing a large number of new mobile devices in transport operations and by renewing transport IT systems. More than 2,500 drivers and drive arrangers from Posti and our partners participated in the training during the year.

We also regularly cooperate with educational institutions in the form of guest lectures and student assignments. In addition, we offer thousands of summer and seasonal jobs and diverse internships.

Change Unit to serve Posti employees

In the transformation of the industry, productive work decreases in some areas and increases elsewhere. In 2022, Posti’s Change Unit was tasked with increasing the active offering of work within the Group. The internal change service will seek a long-term solution for the coming years, as well as the use of different work models in the coordination of jobs. The services of the Change Unit are being developed in cooperation between the employer, employees and employees’ representatives.

Diverse and equal work community promotes the meaning of work

As a work community, Posti wants to be equal and non-discriminatory. We respect people of all kinds. Diversity in our work community enriches us: together, we represent more than 80 nationalities.

In 2022, we conducted an internal survey focusing on employee diversity, experiences of inappropriate behavior and experiences of togetherness. We also raised employees' awareness of and competence in the subject area, for example, through extensive training for different target groups. In this way, we can build a more diverse and equal Posti of the future. More information about our diverse and equal work community can be found in the section dedicated to the topic.