Posti’s new goals for diversity, equity and inclusion


Three new goals on diversity, equity and inclusion help us to see if we are moving in the right direction.   

Posti’s sustainability program, which was published around three years ago, has two key objectives: to minimize our harm to the planet and to make sure that people are feeling well. 

Posti’s social responsibility is not starting from scratch. Posti hired women already in end of the 19th century. The first equality-plan was started in 1978, first diversity committees in the 1980s, we were co-founders of the Diversity Charter Finland in 2012 and our equality committee is active and working. Posti also has a long history on being a multicultural workplace. 

"However, in this work we are not ready, quite the opposite. The world around us is changing and we are a more diverse and international company than ever. We constantly improve our knowledge on how to improve equality, diversity and physical and mental wellbeing so that everyone of our 20 000 colleagues can be who they are," says Anna Storm, Posti’s VP, Stakeholder Relations & Director of Sustainability.  

"We believe that Finnish working life will be significantly more international in the future, and as one of Finland's largest employers, we want to promote diversity and non-discrimination. We are in the process of updating our sustainability program, and social responsibility themes will be even more prominent in the new program." 

New diversity, equity and inclusion objectives 

The new objectives aim to further strengthen the diversity, equity and inclusion experience at Posti Group.   

The objectives are:   

  1. Increasing diversity. Minimum of 40 % females and males are represented in senior leadership (CEO -1 ja CEO -2) by the end of 2026. Now, the Group-level share of women in senior leadership is 38.8 %. 
  2. Increasing the experience of inclusion. We aim to achieve a score of 8.0 in Peakon employee survey question on fair and equal treatment by the end of 2026. October 2023 result was 7.4 (April 7.5), Peakon’s global benchmark is 8.4. 
  3. Education and awareness raising. All employees have attended training on diversity, equity and inclusion. The target for leaders is 100 % participation by the end of 2024. The target for other employees is 90 % by the end of 2025. 

"Together, we want to build a culture that encourages and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. Metrics will help us monitor whether we are moving in the right direction. Moving forward requires both concrete actions and building a common understanding," says Storm.   

"Ultimately, it's about respecting other people, whether in or outside the workplace. In this work, every Posti employee can set an example of respectful and considerate behavior."