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Three new experts to Posti's sustainability team


Posti is strengthening its sustainability expertise by appointing three new experts. Anna Heino, Head of Climate and Environment; Emilia Gädda, Sustainability Manager; and Anniina Helkala, Sustainability Specialist, will support the Posti Group's ambitious sustainability targets. All three work as part of the Group's sustainability team led by Sustainability Director Noomi Jägerhorn.

Anna Heino has a long career at Gaia Consulting Oy in sustainability consulting. He brings Posti the top expertise in measuring the effects of climate change and promoting a low-carbon business. Heino, Head of Climate and Environment, will lead Posti's Zero Carbon 2030 program and support businesses on their way to zero-emission transport.

"I am hugely proud to be part of the Post team. Posti has long been a pioneer in climate issues and systematically takes ambitious steps for our common future. I am very motivated to be able to support Posti's businesses and partners in zero-carbon work," says Heino.

Emilia Gädda, who started as Sustainability Manager, has held various sustainability positions at Lassila & Tikanoja, Ramboll, and Stockmann. Gädda will take on the responsibility of promoting social responsibility measures together with the rest of the team and the business.

"I am very excited and happy to be able to develop, coordinate and promote areas of corporate social responsibility at Posti, in close cooperation with the entire organization," says Gädda.

Anniina Helkala, who started as a Sustainability Specialist, will join Posti from Fazer, where she most recently worked on supply chain development and sustainability themes.

"I look forward to starting a new task at Posti. Responsibility themes are becoming more and more essential, and it is great to work on them in such an iconic house. As an actor, Posti is very present in the daily lives of many people, and even so, Posti's chances of achieving a positive multiplier effect on sustainability are great, "says Helkala.

"During this year, we have completed our new, ambitious sustainability program. Sustainability has been part of Posti's journey for almost 400 years, and now it is more important than ever. Our sustainability work focuses on two things: taking care of our planet and making sure our people are feeling well. I am therefore very pleased to be able to take this work forward with a new, strengthened team," says Jägerhorn.