We are continuing discussions on the site in Hämeenlinna, Finland


We have previously communicated that we are planning a possible new logistics center in Southern Finland. As part of the planning phase, we received several offers for sites and have held discussions with Akaa, Hämeenlinna and Janakkala.

Discussions are continuing now on the site in Hämeenlinna, but no decisions have been made on a possible logistics center. The progress of the project is affected by the generally weak economic situation in Finland and the significant increase in construction costs. We are continuing to assess the suitability of the Hämeenlinna site and are also exploring other alternative uses for it.

"At this point, we are continuing discussions with Hämeenlinna on the possible purchase of the site. No decisions have been taken on the new logistics center. The offered site is in an excellent location, and we therefore want to continue to explore its suitability in more detail. At the same time, we are also exploring other alternative uses for the site. Posti has several businesses that could potentially use the site in the future. We thank Akaa and Janakkala for their offers and cooperation," says Jari Perälä, the project manager.

More information will be provided if the project progresses. 

In September 2023, we communicated a major warehouse investment. Transval, the market leader in warehousing and in-house-logistics and part of the Posti Group, will build one of Finland's largest warehouses in Järvenpää. The acquisition price of the site and the construction costs for the first part of the warehouse will total around EUR 60 million. Construction of the first part of the warehouse has started and is expected to be completed in spring 2025.