Newspaper Karjalainen and Posti plan to introduce new delivery method in Rääkkylä area from May 2, 2024


The newspaper Karjalainen and Posti are planning to introduce a new delivery method in the Rääkkylä area.

The plan is to deliver the newspaper and day mail in the same delivery round starting from May 2, 2024. The mail would be delivered to urban areas first and then to sparsely populated areas.

The development of early-morning and daytime newspaper delivery is part of the cooperation between the newspaper Karjalainen and Posti. Creating new solutions will lay the foundation for sustainable cost development in delivery in the future.

“We want to continue to be able to offer our readers a physical newspaper delivered to their home. We also offer our readers digital services alongside the traditional delivery service,” says Lasse Valkila, Sales Manager at Karjalainen.

“At Posti, we have had good experiences with delivery changes made elsewhere in Finland, where similar combinations of newspaper delivery and day mail delivery have been made. We believe that this method of delivery will also work in Rääkkylä,” says Ari Korhonen, Head of Area at Posti.

With a single delivery round, even more attention will be paid to sustainability issues that are important to Posti and Karjalainen, such as climate targets. Combining deliveries and optimizing routes makes it possible to reduce the mileage, fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions of delivery.

The planned changes will first be negotiated with Posti’s staff and the needs for change will also be specified as the negotiations progress.

We will inform mail recipients in more detail about the changes to delivery closer to their planned date.