Posti published its annual review - emissions fell by more than 17 percent


Posti has published its Annual Review 2023. The Sustainability report, published as part of it, reveals, among other things, that the company's total emissions fell by 17 percent and its own emissions by 16 percent. 

Posti Group Oyj has published its Annual Review 2023, which includes the audited consolidated financial statements, the Board of Director's Report, the Sustainability report, the Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Report. 

The Sustainability report details Posti's progress towards its objectives in economic, social, and environmental sustainability during the reporting year. As in previous years, the report is based on the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report published now also incorporates the European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS) for the first time, including E1, E5, S1, S4 and G1 standards, partially meeting the disclosure requirements. 

Posti is committed to achieving fossil-free transportation by 2030, encompassing both its own operations and those of its partners. By 2040, all operations will be net-zero in terms of emissions. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved Posti's short- and long-term goals. Posti was the first Finnish company and the first company in its industry globally to have its net-zero goals accepted by the initiative. 

"Companies play a significant role in accelerating emissions reduction. We are committed to promoting the green transition of logistics and are taking swift, concrete actions to achieve fossil-free transportation in less than six years," says Posti's VP Stakeholder Relations and Sustainability Anna Storm.  

"In addition to our common planet, people's well-being is one of our most important goals. We significantly increased measures to achieve this goal." 

Hundreds of electric cars are already in use 

Posti's total emissions (scope 1–3) decreased by 17.4 percent during 2023 compared to 2022. Correspondingly, Posti's own emissions (scope 1–2) decreased by 16.1 percent. 

Last year, Posti introduced an electric truck with a semi-trailer. The Volvo FM 42T electric truck is one of the first in Finland. Early 2024, Posti introduced the first electric truck converted from a diesel vehicle for freight transport. 

At the end of 2023, Posti and contract operators had a total of approximately 340 electric vans, eleven electric trucks, 45 heavy biogas trucks, 12 biogas delivery trucks and more than 2,000 light electric vehicles from scooters to electric carts in use. 

Posti also collaborated with Palta and other companies to develop a biodiversity roadmap for service sector operators and initiated a three-year partnership with WWF to promote biodiversity protection. 

Posti's new Circular Economy Venture helps companies capitalize on business opportunities within the circular economy. When consumers have more choices for used products, emissions from new production are reduced.  

New Goals for Diversity and Inclusion 

In fall 2023, Posti introduced new goals for diversity, equity and inclusion. The company launched the Caring Leader training program for all of its approximately 900 supervisors. The frequency of accidents and sick leave also decreased.   

Posti began updating its Sustainability program in autumn 2023. The updated program will be published in spring 2024. 

EcoVadis, the world's leading organization for assessing corporate sustainability, has recognized Posti's sustainability efforts with a platinum rating for the third consecutive year. Posti ranks among the top one percent of evaluated companies globally. 

Posti was chosen for the second time on the Financial Times' Europe's Climate Leaders list for European companies with the most significant emissions reductions. For the first time, Posti was also selected for the Financial Times' Diversity Leaders 2024 list. 

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