Change negotiations concerning Posti's delivery services have ended - the targeted changes can be realized with a significantly smaller number of redundancies


The change negotiations concerning employees working in the transportation and terminal operations in Posti Kuljetus Oy, which started in April 2024, have been concluded. 

The rationale behind the change negotiations is the need for a comprehensive renewal of the transportation network to ensure a flexible and more efficient network. A flexible production structure is essential if we are to operate efficiently. 

The number of redundancies was almost halved 

At the beginning of the negotiations, the estimated total redundancy need was up to 295 persons. The result of the negotiations was that the redundancy need was decreased to a maximum of 153 persons. 

"The spirit of the change negotiations was constructive. Together with employee representatives, we found a variety of voluntary ways to offer the employees involved in the negotiations. We will continue to support our employees during change," says Ari Olli, responsible for corporate and delivery services in Posti’s eCommerce and Delivery Services business group. 

We will provide re-employment support for those in scope of the redundancies, for example, in the form of re-employment coaching. Postal Services business and Transval have not been in scope of the negotiations. Posti employs around 15 000 people in Finland.