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Posti to open 37 temporary pickup points for the Christmas season


Christmas is a busy time for parcel deliveries. Posti is opening temporary pickup points across Finland to ensure smooth parcel deliveries for Christmas.

”We delivered nearly 7 million parcels during last year’s peak season. This year, there will once again be plenty of parcels on the move. We want to ensure smooth deliveries and good Christmas spirit,” says Posti’s Vice President Kaj Kulp.

We will open 37 temporary pickup points on Friday, November 24. Temporary pickup points will be placed near popular parcel lockers to make trips as short as possible in case lockers are full. You can also order your parcel directly to the temporary pickup point.

In addition to temporary pickup points, we serve customers with approximately 1,000 service points and 2,200 parcel lockers across Finland. All service point locations and opening hours can be found in .

Posti will begin Saturday deliveries to parcel lockers, service points, and temporary pickup points in the biggest cities on Saturday, November 25. Saturday deliveries will be done in areas with the most parcel traffic, and they will continue until Saturday, December 16.

“We recommend picking parcels up quickly, especially from parcel lockers, since the freed-up space will benefit others, as well,” Kaj Kulp says.