Posti’s service points to update next year – most used services offered most comprehensively


Posti is updating its service points that offer personal service in phases, starting in the beginning of 2024.

Posti has the most extensive network of its industry in Finland, which includes approximately 1,000 service points and 2,200 parcel lockers. Over time, customer needs have changed: most customers now visit service points to pick up a parcel, with letter services constantly being used less.

“This change relates to the bigger postal transformation happening across the world. Digitalization decreases the amount of paper mail, while e-commerce growth increases the number of parcels. We are updating our services to better respond to changing demands. At the same time, we are making the work of our partners easier, since every service point does not cover all services,” says Anu Björn, who oversees the development of Posti’s service point network.

Post Offices offer all services, Posti Service Points offer services that customers use the most

In the future, there are two kinds of service points offering personal service.

Services at Posti Service Points will focus on parcels, and less used letter services will be centralized to Post Offices. Customers can view the services closest to them in

Posti’s popular parcel lockers will continue to operate as before. Stamps can be bought in addition to service points from Posti’s online store and retailers, like department stores, kiosks, and many grocery stores.

Posti will inform customers about changes to their local services

The update will move forward in phases, with first changes happening in the beginning of 2024. Posti will inform customers with a letter in the mail if there are changes to postal services in their area.

“It’s good to remember that we constantly develop our service point network. There may be many reasons to opening new service points or closing existing ones: sometimes these changes come from us, other times from our partners. For example, store closings or renovations may impact the operations of our service points. We will inform customers about local changes as soon as we can and aim to find solutions as quickly as possible. Our goal is always a satisfied customer,” Anu Björn says.

About Posti’s service point network

Posti’s service point network includes approximately 1,000 service points and 2,200 parcel lockers. Most of them are in our partner businesses, like stores and kiosks. Each year, tens of millions of items travel through Posti’s service point network. You can find all service points in