Posti invests significantly in its warehousing business, one of the largest warehouses in Finland for Transval



The warehouse to be built for Transval, the market leader in warehousing and in-house logistics and part of Posti Group, is a major investment in the logistics sector in Finland. When completed, the warehouse, which will be built in phases, will be one of the largest in Finland. Construction work on the first part will start in September.

Construction work on the 18-hectare site in Järvenpää will start in September 2023 with the groundworks for the first part of the warehouse. The first part will be approximately 35,000 square meters in size and is expected to be ready for use in spring 2025. The site, which is equivalent in size to about 13 football pitches, will enable the construction of a warehouse of more than 90,000 square meters.

This is a significant investment: the cost of acquiring the land and building the first part of the warehouse will total around EUR 60 million.

"An investment of this size is great news for our customers and staff. It is well in line with Posti's strategic targets and strengthens Transval’s growth potential in logistics outsourcing services. A modern, sustainable, and space-efficient warehouse with excellent accessibility is a real competitive advantage. Finland's warehouse stock is relatively old and there is not much environmentally friendly storage space available," says Sakari Kiiskinen, heading Transval.

Better competitiveness through outsourced warehousing

Companies have a growing need for efficient, flexible, and environmentally responsible warehousing services. A logistics partner with sufficient storage capacity, the right number of professionals and the ability to adapt to customer needs, for example in high season, brings real added value to customers.

"Transval has the know-how and experience to build the best possible warehouse and its operations. So, it's better for customers to invest in developing their customer relationships rather than in warehousing. As a logistics professional and space-efficient partner, we can manage warehousing more efficiently and responsibly," says Kiiskinen.

Transval has 320 000 m2 of warehouse space in Finland. The warehouses are certified in accordance with quality, environmental, health and safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001). The latest warehouse was completed in Sipoo in 2022.

Responsible warehousing at an excellent location

Posti aims to reduce its emissions to net zero by 2040. The Järvenpää warehouse will use modern technology and automation and will be built taking into account energy efficiency and carbon emissions. The building will be heated by geothermal solutions and solar energy will be used to generate electricity.

The central location close to the capital region will facilitate logistics and ease commuting. The nearby airport and ports enable fast logistics also outside Finland.

The first phase warehouse will employ an estimated 100 logistics professionals. In total, the staff facilities will be designed for up to 350 employees.

Harri Palviainen, Urban Development Director at City of Järvenpää, is delighted that there is interest in the Svengi business park.

"We warmly welcome Transval to Järvenpää. We are very pleased to get a €60 million investment in a sustainable warehouse in the area. Svengi business park is within easy logistical reach. It is great to have a big actor in the area offering also a significant amount of new jobs."