Posti has published its annual review 2022 – emissions continued to decline


Posti Group has published its Annual Review 2022 today. The Sustainability report, which has been published as part of the review, shows that the company's own emissions continued to decline. During the year 2022, emissions declined by ten percent.

The Annual Review includes the audited consolidated financial statements, the Board of Directors’ Report, the Sustainability Report, the Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Statement.

The Sustainability report describes, among other things, the progress Posti has made towards its objectives in the areas of economic, social, and environmental responsibility during the reporting year. As in previous years, the report is based on the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Posti is committed to fossil-free transport by 2030. Both our own and partners’ road transport are included in the target. By 2040, all our operations will have reached net zero emissions. The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) has approved both targets. Posti was the first Finnish company and the first company in its sector globally to have its net zero targets approved by the initiative.

Last year, Posti's own emissions fell by 10% compared to the previous year. Overall, Posti's own emissions in Finland have fallen by 60% since 2011. We drove more than 18 million kilometers with our own fleet using fossil-free electricity and renewable fuels.

Other examples of progress over the past year include:

"Businesses have an extremely important role to play in slowing down global warming. That is why Posti has set itself very stringent emission targets in line with climate science. But targets alone are not enough. Our Clean Vehicle Roadmap, published in the fall, is a good example of practical action towards the targets: an agreed plan to purchase thousands of clean vehicles by 2030," says Noomi Jägerhorn, Posti's Director of Sustainability.

"Taking the environment into account alone is not enough. In addition to zero emissions, we need to ensure that our people are doing well. That's why the cornerstones of our sustainability program include not only the environment, but also human well-being, occupational safety, diversity and equality, sustainable sourcing, and ethical business practices. We are telling more about our progress on these in our new report."

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