Posti and WWF enter into a three-year collaboration for the benefit of biodiversity



World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3. Posti wants to promote practical solutions based on science to prevent the loss of nature.

Companies have a significant role in stopping the loss of biodiversity and a reason to act, because biodiversity is the basis of societies, people's well-being and all business and economy. Companies should therefore assess their own harmful effects on nature and minimize them.
However, a large part of the companies do not yet have goals or metrics to stop the deterioration of biodiversity.

Today, March 3, we celebrate World Wildlife Day. At the same time Posti announces a three-year cooperation with WWF Finland. The aim of the partnership is to improve business decision-makers awareness about companies' practical means to combat nature loss, support WWF's work for biodiversity, and strengthen Posti's own work against nature loss. Posti's goal is to increase its own expertise and share information with stakeholders and the industry.

"In our climate work, we rely on climate science and constantly implement technical solutions to reduce emissions. We want to harness this same thinking to also solve the challenges of biodiversity loss. At the same time, we want to share our own experiences and lessons learned with all Finnish companies and, of course, learn more from others, so that we can all stop the loss of biodiversity as quickly and efficiently as possible," says Anna Heino, Posti's Head of Climate and Nature.

The depletion of biodiversity is a fact proven by science. An unprecedented human-caused extinction wave is underway. Currently, endangered animal and plant species are dying out up to about a thousand times faster compared to how species would become extinct without human influence. The role of companies as solutions to nature loss is topical in many ways. In recent years, the loss of nature has been recognized as a global crisis along with climate change, and it has also started to be talked about in companies more and more widely in connection with corporate responsibility.

"The most important thing is to start with a solution-oriented approach. Companies should first find out the impact of their own activities on nature and thereby plan, measure and act to prevent nature loss. It is also essential to understand the dependence of the company's operations on nature, for example ecosystem services. Deforestation is a common crisis for everyone, which is why cooperation between different actors is also important," says Anniina Helkala, Posti's Sustainability Manager.

On February 17, WWF published the report Finnish Businesses and the Biodiversity Crisis, which sheds light on the effects of the Finnish business sector on biodiversity and how far Finnish companies have come in their work for the good of nature. At the beginning of 2023, WWF also published the Biodiversity Risk Filter tool, which is a global tool for companies and investors that can be used to identify risks related to nature impacts.

In the cooperation between Posti and WWF, mutual expert cooperation and development and communication projects are emphasized.

"Companies are aware that the loss of nature is a threat to society and business, but most of them lack an understanding of the meaning of their own natural effects. However, with cooperation and strategic commitment to the development of corporate responsibility, we can move forward. Posti has been doing impressive, science-based climate work for a long time, and it's great to jointly promote solutions to combat nature loss," says WWF's account manager Juuso Lautiainen.

(Photo: © Juha Taskinen / WWF)