Posti to issue a Finland in NATO stamp


The stamp honors the historical event

Posti will issue a stamp celebrating Finland’s NATO membership on September 6 2023. Posti turns 385 years old on the publication date.

Through the ages, Posti has celebrated important events for Finland with stamps.

“The stamp is an image of its time. It can be used to highlight current issues and honor historical milestones. These have been, for example, Finland's EU membership and the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence”, says Tommi Kantola, Design Manager at Posti, who is responsible for the selection of the artists and for providing guidance on the artistic work for the stamps.

The design of the NATO stamp started as soon as Finland was accepted as a member in April 2023.

“In this way, we were able to include the stamp in the batch to be issued in September. Stamps are published four times a year”, says Kantola.

Throughout history, each NATO country has issued a stamp of its own accession. Posti will also celebrate Sweden's NATO membership with a stamp, when the country is accepted as a member. NATO stamps are in demand among collectors worldwide.

“The stamp features the color of each NATO country’s flag arranged in colorful stripes, symbolizing the community of NATO countries. Characterized by Scandinavian style, the design of the stamp is simple yet informative and striking,” says Ilkka Kärkkäinen, who designed the stamp.

The Finland in NATO stamp sheet contains 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps. The print run of the stamp is one million copies.

September’s stamps will also feature the 100-year-old Finnair and Finnish Museums Association

Posti will also issue three other stamp publications on September 6. The stamps will feature the 100th anniversaries of Finnair and the Finnish Museums Association, as well as artworks by Christoffer Relander.

First-day event at Helsinki Main Post Office on Posti’s birthday September 6

The first day event for the September stamps will be organized on Wednesday, September 6 at the Helsinki Main Post Office (Elielinaukio 2 F, 00100 Helsinki) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The stamp artists will be present to sign their works from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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