Making a fixed-term change of address and notifying Posti of a parallel address makes mail delivery easier


As the volume of printed mail continues to decrease, automation helps, for example, to sort mail. Making the most of machine sorting is becoming an increasingly important means of maintaining competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Several postcode areas in Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Lahti have switched to machine-assisted preparatory work during the spring and summer of 2023. Machine-assisted preparatory work will also be extended to Espoo and Turku in July 2023.

Machine-assisted sorting requires that all items have their own unique code, which is used for sorting. Many items already have this code, but if the item does not have a code, the code will be produced in Posti’s own code production process. If the code is missing or needs to be completed, the delivery of the item may be delayed.

In addition, if a fixed-term change of address has not been made or Posti has not been notified of a parallel address, there may be delays in delivering the item to the desired address.

Fixed-term change of address

A fixed-term change of address is a good option when you are spending your holiday at your summer cottage, living abroad temporarily or want to have your mail delivered to another address because of ongoing renovation work at your home. When you make a fixed-term change of address, we will deliver your mail to the address of your choice during the period selected by you. After the fixed term has ended, we will deliver your mail to your old address.

Notification of a parallel address to Posti 

We recommend that the recipient of the shipment inform Posti of their summer address or another regularly used address as a parallel address, so that the shipments directed to the address can be distributed as the recipient wishes. If Posti does not know the parallel address, the machine sorting does not recognize the mail recipient, which causes a delay in the delivery of the items.

Further information about the fixed-term change of address and the notification of a parallel address is available at