Estimates on the impact of AKT’s strike and PAU’s sympathy strike have been specified – a return to normal will be made as quickly as possible after the strike ends


Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT’s strike began on Wednesday, February 15. We are not a participant in the negotiations and cannot impact the resolution. We hope that an agreement is reached quickly.

In addition, The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU’s support measures began on Thursday, February 16. The goal of the support measures is to quicken AKT’s collective agreement negotiations in the trucking sector. The strike regarding road transport and PAU’s support measures are announced to end on February 21.

AKT’s strike and PAU’s support measures will unfortunately cause delays and disturbances in deliveries for our customers. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience this situation causes.

We aim to deliver parcels as normally as possible soon after the strike

Our estimates on delivery delays have been specified since the strike and support measures began.

According to our current estimate


Deliveries related to health and safety are excluded from the strike and we aim to deliver them according to normal schedule

Deliveries related to health and safety include for example deliveries related to healthcare (blood and laboratory deliveries) and meal deliveries (schools, kindergartens, institutional and home deliveries of meals to the elderly).

We encourage customers to follow our customer communication

We estimate the impact of the strikes to our services daily and will communicate about any possible changes to our estimates in a customer announcement that can be found on