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Changes in Posti's Leadership Team


Timo Koskinen will leave his position as Posti Group's Senior Vice President, Human Resources and as a member of the Leadership Team. In order to ensure a smooth transition period, Koskinen will continue in the role of Senior Advisor at Posti until spring 2024. In this position, Koskinen is also responsible for future collective agreement matters. He will report to Turkka Kuusisto, President and CEO.

The recruitment process for a new SVP, HR will begin immediately. Anna Salmi, a member of the Group’s Leadership Team, will temporarily assume responsibility for leading the HR unit in addition to her current position. Salmi has worked at Posti since 2021 with responsibility for brand, communications and sustainability.

"Timo Koskinen and his team have done good work and I want to thank him for taking important steps especially in improving employee experience and relations with the labor market stakeholders. Our personnel are a key resource in building our success, and thanks to Timo's work, we are in a good position to continue to the next phase," says Turkka Kuusisto, President and CEO of Posti Group.

"In recent years, together with my team, we have invested especially in building trust in the work community, work safety and leadership development. We have also received feedback from personnel and personnel representatives that the work has progressed in the right direction, and I know that this journey will continue," Timo Koskinen says.