AKT’s strikes impact also Posti’s deliveries


Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT has given a strike warning for stevedoring at ports and for three collective agreement sectors in road transport: trucking, tanker and oil products, and terminals. If an agreement is not reached, the strikes that begin on Wednesday February 15 will impact at least Posti’s transport and terminal operations as well as domestic and international deliveries. The strike regarding road transport is announced to end on February 21. Posti is not a negotiating party in these negotiations.

In addition, The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU has announced support measures that aim to quicken AKT’s collective agreement negotiations in the trucking sector.

PAU’s industrial action measures affect many of Posti’s transport functions from February 16 at 00:00 to February 21 at 24:00. In locations that are subject to the strike, trucks and trailers will not be unloaded or loaded. Work that is related safety or health is excluded from the strike.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this situation causes to our clients and for the delays caused by the strike. We are not a negotiating party in the collective agreement negotiations, but they impact us as a big logistics player. We hope that an agreement will be reached, and the strikes end quickly. We ask for understanding from our customers, since returning to our normal operations after the strikes will take some time,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Head of Exception Management at Posti.

Posti currently estimates that the delivery of parcels, letters, and magazines as well as international deliveries to and from Finland will be delayed between a few days to over a week. The same estimate applies to freight deliveries. Posti will estimate the impact of the strikes to its services daily and will communicate about any possible changes to the estimates in a customer announcement that can be found on the posti.fi front page.