The two most beautiful stamps of 2021 are Jukka Risikko's Forest Scenery and Birch Alley


Finns voted the fall-themed Forest Scenery photographed by Jukka Risikko as the most beautiful Finnish stamp released in 2021. The stamp depicts a forest with bilberry twigs painted red by the sunset at the front.

Also the postage stamp Birch Alley, which was voted as the second most beautiful stamp, is based on a photograph by Jukka Risikko. It features birch trees colored by a setting sun.

With his photographs, Risikko wants to relay the calming effect of nature. He takes photographs in the countryside and forests of his home region of Lapua, and he hopes to increase people’s appreciation for the environment and nature near their homes with his photos.

Jukka Risikko actively posts his landscape photographs on social media, where they have charmed people from around the world. More of Risikko’s landscape photography will be featured on stamps in the future.

Jukka Risikko’s Glimmer of Fall stamps were issued in a miniature sheet of five postage stamps and graphic design by Stiina Hovi. There are still plenty of stamps available, and you can purchase them from stamp sales points and Posti’s online shop at

The stamps ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th most beautiful

Many are familiar with the Christmas greeting no-value indicator stamp Eurasian Bullfinch, which was voted as the third most beautiful stamp. Designed by Klaus Welp, it depicts a traditional theme with a modern and slightly humoristic but still warm approach.

The fourth most votes were given to the stamp made of Eero Järnefelt’s iconic painting Landscape from Koli, which was issued in a roll of stamps presenting eight classic Finnish paintings. Designed by Ilkka Kärkkäinen, the Finnish Art Classics roll of stamps series will continue this April.

The fifth most votes were received by the Valentine’s Day stamp with a fairy-tale deer that was issued in the Let’s Take Care stamp booklet designed by Riku Ounaslehti.

More than 49,000 votes were cast, almost a third by postcard

 People could vote for the most beautiful stamp in Finland on the Posti website or by sending a postcard. A total of 49,049 votes were cast in the voting, of which a staggering 15,147 were postcards. “The number of postcard votes was a pleasant surprise. Approximately 5,000 more postcards were sent to cast a vote compared to the previous year,” says Tommi Kantola, Design Manager at Posti.

“The success of Jukka Risikko’s landscape photography in the competition was anticipated. Nature and landscape themes have traditionally placed high in the voting. Finns relate to the landscapes on the stamps easily, no matter where they live, even if the photographs depict Lapua and the region of Southern Ostrobothnia,” Kantola explains.

The most beautiful stamp in Finland 2021 – the vote’s top 10








Glimmer of Fall, Forest Scenery

Jukka Risikko




Glimmer of Fall, Birch Alley

Jukka Risikko




Eurasian Bullfinch

Klaus Welp




Finnish Art Classics, Landscape from Koli

Ilkka Kärkkäinen




Let’s Take Care, Deer

Riku Ounaslehto




Congratulate with Flowers, Columbine

Oona Himanen




Let’s Take Care, Squirrel

Riku Ounaslehto




Endangered Animals, Apollo

Petteri Mattila




Glimmer of Fall, Moonlight

Jukka Risikko




Finnish Art Classics, Boys Playing on the Shore

Ilkka Kärkkäinen




A Finnish stamp was awarded for best design in the Nexofil competition 

Finnish stamps are respected internationally. This was proven again in late 2021 as the stamp based on artist Janne Laine’s painting Duet was awarded the prize for best stamp design in the international Nexofil competition. The same stamp also came third in Nexofil’s the World’s Best Stamp category. Janne Laine won Posti’s art award in 2020.

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