Posti employee has passed away as a victim of a very serious act of violence – the police informed today that the person suspected of the crime has been released, Posti has organized more security to the Myyrmäki delivery area


Our employee who worked in our early-morning delivery was a victim of a serious act of violence on their distribution route on the night of November 17 in Myyrmäki, Vantaa. To our great sorrow, our colleague passed away of the injuries suffered in the attack. The police informed earlier that they have arrested one person who has been suspected with probable cause of an offence. The police informed today that they have released the person because they have no prerequisites to continue the custody. The police are still asking for observations about the incident, are continuing to investigate the crime and are responsible for providing further information regarding the investigation.

“Our whole work community is deeply shocked by all that has happened. We hope that the person responsible will be captured as soon as possible. Since November 17, we have organized security 24 hours a day through our security company in the area where the act of violence happened. We will continue to do so for now. Due to what has happened, we have taken an added measure and begun working together with our personnel to investigate what we can do to strengthen the safety of delivery work. We are also receiving expert support in this work from the Helsinki police. In order to ensure the safety of our personnel, we will not publicly comment other methods we use to maintain safety,” says Timo Koskinen, Senior Vice President, Human Recourses.

An act of violence this serious is extremely rare. Still, even one incident is too many.

Work safety is extremely important to Posti and we take matters of security very seriously. Posti has instructions for threatening and violent situations, and they are updated regularly. We have an existing practice for reporting threatening situations. We will always take action when we receive information.