Posti is planning to switch to alternate-day delivery in Naantali and Lieto in September 2022


Posti is planning to extend the alternate-day delivery of printed postal items to Naantali and Lieto in September 2022.

In alternate-day delivery, delivery days for day mail alternate between postal code areas, which means that mail may be delivered on different days in neighboring districts. Printed mail is delivered on weekdays in alternating two-week periods:

- on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in one week

- on Tuesday and Thursday in the other week

Alternate-day delivery does not apply to parcel deliveries.

In Finland, regional alternate-day delivery is already in use in the Espoo, Kauniainen, Helsinki and Tampere regions. In the fall, alternate-day delivery is planned to be introduced in Oulu, Pori, parts of Turku, Kaarina, Raisio and Vantaa. The reason for this is the radical decrease in the volume of printed mail.

We will inform mail recipients in more detail about the changes closer to the planned date.