Posti continues to search for the parcel sent by Kela from Kouvola


Kela has February 2, 2022, published a media release and an announcement in Kouvolan Sanomat informing about a missing parcel that was given to Posti for transportation. The parcel contains applications and documents submitted to Kela's Kouvola service point on November 26, 2021. According to Kela's information, about 20 customers had visited service point during that time. The parcel has been traced in cooperation with Kela to the end of January, but unfortunately it has not yet been found.

"It is always a serious mistake if a parcel goes missing, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience and harm caused to Kela's customers and Kela. Every effort will be made to locate the missing parcel. There has been a human error in our sorting and the parcel has been misdirected . We continue the thorough investigations and will do everything possible to find the parcel," says Arttu Hollmérus, responsible for Posti's parcel and e-commerce business.

In 2020, Posti delivered 64 million parcels. Of these, less than 0.05 per thousand (0.00489%) were found to be lost. However, every case is one too many.