Even thousands of new electric vehicles – Posti decided on a new clean vehicle roadmap


We have made a new clean vehicle roadmap, which includes a plan to take into use up to thousands of new electric, biogas and hydrogen vehicles within the next eight years. Finland's first electric truck has already been ordered. 

Posti's net zero emission goal was approved by SBTi as the first logistics company in the world. A lot of work has already been done to reach the goal: Posti has, among other things, Finland's largest heavy biogas fleet, and more than a hundred electric vans have been purchased this year alone.  

Posti has now decided on a clean vehicle roadmap that extends to 2030. The implementation of the roadmap would mean the purchase of thousands of new electric vehicles, and it would contribute to ensuring that the company can transport fossil-free by the end of the decade.  

The emission target, which now extends to 2030, has therefore been changed into a concrete and financially feasible plan, which will help us move to a clean transport fleet. 

"Responsibility is a choice. Through SBTi, we are committed to climate goals based on the best scientific information. Now, for the first time, we have an economically viable vehicle roadmap that extends all the way to 2030, and what kind of equipment we will use to fulfill our promise to transport fossil-free by 2030," says Posti CEO Turkka Kuusisto. 

According to the plan, over the next eight years, Posti would acquire up to a couple of thousand light electric vehicles, i.e., vans in practice, several hundred delivery trucks using electricity and biogas, and hundreds of biogas, electricity, and hydrogen powered heavy trucks. The final purchase quantities and the choice between different vehicle types are affected by the development of fleet technology.  

"According to SBTi, it is extremely important that companies at least halve their emissions by the end of this decade and reach net zero by 2050. Posti is already committed to net zero by 2040, and the roadmap announced now is an important tool on this path," says Posti's director of sustainability, Noomi Jägerhorn. 

Finland's first heavy electric truck already ordered 

Heavy fleet 

Medium heavy fleet 

Light fleet 

Next, Posti will approve a similar roadmap that applies to the transport of contract carriers. Transport carried out by partners is also within Posti's emissions target and will be fossil-free by 2030.