The growth of e-commerce boosted OmaPosti’s popularity: the service has more than one million active users each month



Posti’s digital OmaPosti service was launched in 2018, and 1.6 million Finns have already started using the service. It’s easy to track, pay and return parcels with the free OmaPosti app. April marked a new milestone as the service reached the limit of one million active users per month. More than 100,000 users open OmaPosti almost every day.

OmaPosti has had a strong position as an electronic mailbox that makes it easier to manage letters and invoices. However, the growth of e-commerce is more and more visible in how consumers use OmaPosti. Today, OmaPosti is extremely handy for everyone who shops online as it’s easy to track and manage the delivery of your purchases in the service. Sending your parcels is also cheapest with OmaPosti.

The most popular feature is parcel tracking, with most users in the age group 25–35

OmaPosti’s most used functionality is delivery tracking: deliveries are tracked more than 3 million times a month. OmaPosti tells you whether your parcel has been sent or is on its way as well as when it will be delivered to the desired pickup point or address. With Omaposti, consumers can also manage their delivery by selecting a suitable delivery time for their home delivery or by sending the parcel to the desired parcel locker if home delivery is not possible. OmaPosti is also used to track letters that have arrived and pay invoices that were received in OmaPosti.

The largest user group is the 25–35 age group. The second largest user group is over 65-year-olds, which means that the older generations have also embraced the use of the service. Geographically, users are located all over Finland, but the largest clusters are in cities with large populations.

Customers build OmaPosti’s functionalities — and provide valuable feedback

OmaPosti’s functionalities and uses are developed together with customers. For instance, since the beginning of 2020, it has been possible to select home delivery without acknowledgement. This popular and COVID‑safe feature was developed on the basis of users’ wishes, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. 

OmaPosti is also a valuable feedback channel through which customers can evaluate each parcel delivery and how smoothly it went. 

“We want to have feedback and a dialogue with our customers. With OmaPosti, we can better serve our customers and strengthen our customer-oriented development work. We can have almost real-time information of what works and what does not. In OmaPosti, customers are able to select the exact delivery methods and services that suit them the best. Our goal is that OmaPosti continues to be one of the most popular Finnish apps and in every Finn’s phone,” says Miikka Roine, who is responsible for the development of OmaPosti.

In the near future, OmaPosti will have many functionalities that make your life better, such as real-time tracking of your parcel delivery on a map, giving your door code to the driver, an up-to-date delivery window of +/-15 minutes and digital customs clearance.

Download the OmaPosti app for free from Google Play or App Store. You can also use OmaPosti online at