Remember to send domestic Christmas parcels, cards and letters in good time



Christmas is approaching, and soon it will be time to show your loved ones near and far that you’re thinking about them. The mailing dates for Christmas greetings within Finland will soon be upon us. If you’re sending greetings to Europe, it is a good idea to act quickly.

Last mailing dates for parcels: Finland, Europe, the Nordic Region and the Baltic countries

The last mailing date for domestic parcels is Tuesday, December 21. Parcels can be paid for at, in OmaPosti or at a Posti outlet. Pre-paid parcels can be mailed from any Posti Parcel Locker or Posti outlet. 

Domestic XXS parcels that are delivered directly to the recipient’s mail slot or mailbox must be mailed by December 17. Parcels can be paid for at or in OmaPosti and dropped off in a mailbox.

The last day to mail parcels to European countries is December 8. Parcels sent to countries in the Nordic Region should be mailed by December 14. The last day to send parcels to the Baltic countries is December 16.

The final dates may still change as we get a better idea of the flight connections and capacities in the period leading up to Christmas. For up-to-date information, go to

Last mailing dates for Christmas cards and letters: Finland, Europe, the Nordic Region and the Baltic countries

Christmas greetings with a no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greetings will be delivered in time for Christmas as long as they are mailed by Tuesday, December 14. Cards can be dropped off at mailboxes until midnight on that day. You can recognize a no-value indicator stamp for Christmas greetings by the snowflake symbol. These Christmas greetings should be posted in the red mailing envelope.

Christmas cards with a domestic no-value indicator stamp will be delivered by Christmas if they are mailed by Sunday, December 19. You can recognize a domestic no-value indicator stamp by the map of Finland symbol.

If you are running late with your Christmas cards, you can add a Plus Sticker next to the domestic no-value indicator stamp, in which case you can mail your cards up to Tuesday, December 21, in accordance with the emptying schedules of mailboxes and Posti’s drop-off points.

You also still have time to send your Christmas greetings to European, Nordic and Baltic countries. For the last mailing dates for all international Christmas cards, go to You can recognize an international no-value indicator stamp by the globe symbol.

The last day to mail cards to the Nordic Region is December 14 (Denmark as early as December 7), December 16 to the Baltic Countries and December 8 to the rest of Europe.

Christmas stamps became available at stores, kiosks and Posti outlets at the beginning of November. You can also order stamps from Posti’s online shop at

Remember the correct address

When sending Christmas greetings, it’s always a good idea to check that each parcel and card has the correct address on it. Each Christmas greeting should include the following information: the recipient’s first and last name, street address and building number, stairway and apartment number, postal code as well as the name of the city/municipality. You can double check the correct format of street names and postal codes at

It is also advisable to add the recipient’s phone number to the parcels, as this speeds up the sending of the notice of arrival.

Everything you need at

Posti’s Christmas site includes all schedules, information and tips related to Christmas greetings. The site also provides information about our service points and temporary pickup points set up for the Christmas period.