Posti’s services to return to Postitalo: the new main post office to open on November 26, 2021



Posti is increasing the availability of its services in Helsinki city center and will open a fully modernised main post office in the Postitalo building, located next to the Helsinki Central Railway Station. The new main post office will serve private individuals and business customers while offering all services, i.e. sending and picking up parcels and postal items, as well as stamps, mailing supplies and packaging supplies.   

The new main post office will be located in the same space that was used by Posti’s Elielinaukio Hki 10 outlet until July 2020. The construction of the new shop has begun, and its opening will be celebrated on Friday, November 26. Local residents will receive letters containing more detailed information about this change in November.

“Improving the customer experience is at the heart of our strategy, which was updated early this year. We have received many requests regarding our services in Helsinki city center. People want to be able to pick up their parcels along their everyday routes easily and flexibly. At the new main post office, customers will be able to access all of Posti’s services in one place. There will also be a Posti Parcel Locker with about 700 individual lockers. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, parcel volumes have grown significantly, and there is now a clear need for additional capacity in Helsinki city center. As e-commerce continues its strong growth, we believe that many of our consumer and business customers will be happy to see us return to Postitalo,” says Arttu Hollmérus, who is responsible for Posti’s parcel and e-commerce business.

“The new main post office will have extended opening hours and be accessible, and customers will be able to choose either self-service or personal service. Dropping off and returning parcels has been made as easy and smooth as possible, and you can get there by public transport, by foot and by car. The packaging materials can be recycled, and the environmental impact of the space’s materials was taken into account when the materials were being chosen. Attention was also paid to the well-being and occupational safety of our staff: working and moving around in the space is as smooth, safe and ergonomic as possible. And like everything we transport, the items moving through this location are also 100% carbon neutral thanks to voluntary emissions offsetting,” says Hollmérus.

The new main post office strengthens Posti’s extensive retail network in Helsinki, which currently consists of 377 service points. Public Posti Parcel Lockers are available at 157 locations, including at the Helsinki Central Railway Station and the city center’s shopping malls. Private Posti Parcel Lockers can be found in housing companies and on the premises of businesses. Posti continuously monitors the development of the retail network and feedback from customers and actively seeks new solutions.

Posti’s headquarters were moved from Postitalo to Pasila in 2003. Today, nearly 1,000 Posti employees work at the Pasila headquarters in various customer service, expert and administrative roles. Pasila is also home to one of Posti’s four large sorting centers, the Helsinki postal center, which employs about 1,100 Posti employees mainly in production roles. The Helsinki postal center sorts, on average, just over 10 million items and bundles a week, which makes up a little over 60% of the entire country’s volumes.