Posti’s new alternate-day delivery will commence in Espoo and Kauniainen on October 4th


Posti’s new alternate-day delivery will commence in Espoo and Kauniainen on October 4, 2021. We will also notify mail recipients of the start of the alternate-day delivery with a newsletter delivered to homes.

“This summer and fall, our delivery personnel have actively trained for the new delivery model, which is now being implemented for the first time. We wanted to make absolutely sure before launching the system that our new way of working is as successful as possible right from the start. The orientation is also important for our new employees. Labor mobility in the service sector is also a familiar phenomenon for Posti, so we have some free vacancies as well,” says Area Manager Hannu Riihimäki.

In the regional alternate-day delivery, mail is delivered by postal code pairs on alternate days.

There will be no changes in morning newspaper delivery; newspapers will still be delivered in the early-morning delivery seven days a week. Day mail can also be delivered in the early-morning newspaper delivery.

“The change may be noticeable to mail recipients in that, in addition to the morning paper, they may receive other mail in time for their morning coffee, such as letters, magazines and advertisements. Items will arrive at the agreed delivery times in accordance with the service agreement between the sending company and Posti,” says Riihimäki.

In the picture: an example of the rhythm of the alternate-day model over a two-week period.

For instance, on week one, we will deliver day mail on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the 02100 postal code area and on Tuesday and Thursday in the 02200 postal code area. The following week, the delivery days are swapped. The rhythm will repeat in two-week phases.

Universal service items (stamped items) are delivered in accordance with the Postal Act. The alternate-day delivery does not apply to parcel deliveries.

Similar delivery models are already in use in the other Nordic countries, and the goal for us now is to adopt alternate-day delivery as a regional model, initially in Espoo and Kauniainen.

“The new mail delivery model helps to extend the life cycle of printed mail. We can continue to offer traditional services in addition to digital services,” says Riihimäki.

What’s more, good delivery route planning and renewal of the delivery fleet make it possible to further reduce CO2 emissions. Posti is committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030. The zero emissions goal is in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement.